Be Grateful & Show Your Appreciation

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It’s Thanksgiving week my friends so be thankful. Okay? One thing that realtors do is, you get so caught up in your day-to-day busyness, you don’t take enough time to actually just show some appreciation to people. Think about it, most of us wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for the referrals we receive, if it wasn’t for people putting their trust in us to buy a home, to sell a home. That’s a big deal. Are you going to give any gifts to them this week? Are you going to send out a card at a minimum? You should be thanking your clients. We actually send out pies by the 1000’s to all of our– Holy glare. To many– I don’t want to say all, now I’m going to have people like, “I didn’t get one.”

To many of our referral partners, and people that we’ve done business with, and people that consistently– people that are advocates that consistently send us business. We send them actual pies, and make those calls. That’s right, Jill. Absolutely. Make some calls if you can, put some time in the schedule to say, “Hello”, be thankful, say, “Happy Thanksgiving”, and send some things out. It’s like the law of reciprocity, the more you give in life the more you get. You don’t really– you shouldn’t be expecting to get until you’re giving, right? The more you do that, the better off you’ll be. We got this idea of the pies years ago from a friend down in Texas who runs a large real estate team.

They send out the pies like mad and now we copy them, we’re doing the same thing. This will be our third year doing it. In addition to pies, there’ll be cards, there’ll be all kind of things because none of us are in business without people referring us and sending us business. That’s my thoughts, my friends. That is my recommendation for the week. I wish you all a wonderful week, and Happy Thanksgiving.