Are Your Clients Relocating? Don’t Worry, You’re Not Losing Them

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Anthony Lamacchia – August 6, 2018

Hey, everybody. I’m reporting to you live from Nashville, Tennessee and I want to talk to you about relocation. I’m down here for the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World relocation conference. I’ve been here since Wednesday. Got stuck an extra day because of all the flight cancellations, but that’s a different story. I want to talk to you about relocation.

Relocation is a great area to focus on with your clients. You want to be the go to for people that’ll live in your state, live in your city, live in your area, and you want to be the source for them. If you do work at a company that doesn’t have a relocation department, that doesn’t mean you can’t help them. Get on the phone, find a broker in that other city, negotiate a referral fee, and that way you can keep your hand in that transaction, and take care of those clients.

This has been a big focus area in our company for the last couple years, and I can’t believe how much we’ve grown it since then. The interesting thing that happens, when those people move to that other city and they want to sell again or buy again in a few years– If you do your job the right way, they’re going to call you back. You’ll get another referral fee when they sell there, and hopefully come back to your market or go to another market.

My message to you today is do not disregard people that are telling you they’re moving to another area of the State or anywhere outside of your territory. Don’t disregard these people. They’re your clients, take care of them. You want to keep them in your web. If they’re in your web, you can help them forever. If they’re moving out of State, out of country, there’s no reason you can’t get on the phone and get them connected to another area.

That’s about it. I wanted to talk quickly about relocation, and just show you around here a little bit. Tennessee Titans stadium over there. I know the New England Patriots have had some good wins there folks, and then we got the whole city of Nashville here. I’m on this somewhat famous bridge right now reporting to you guys, so that’s about it my friends. Have a great day and keep relocation in mind.

Keep your clients in your web and take care of them. Thanks everybody. Have a good weekend.