Are Your Buyers Frustrated with Zillow?

Read the blog below:

Anthony Lamacchia : 

Are your buyers telling you that they’re seeing properties on Zillow that aren’t actually for sale. or they’re calling you saying, “Hey, I like 123 Main Street,” and you look, it’s not actually for sale. Guys, that’s an angle to get in with your buyer more and show them the difference and show them why you’re better than Zillow. Okay? What did I do last week? I was in Vegas last week with Lindsay. Right here in the lobby of the Wynn, and I just got on camera. I broke out my laptop and I explained, and I actually showed people how it says, “Potential listings,” and how it says, “Pre-foreclosure sales.”

I talked about how in Massachusetts, 26% of the homes that are listed on Zillow are not actually for sale and probably will never be for sale. All I did was explain it, guys, and look what happened. 52 shares, almost 5,000 views. We’re going to put a link to this in the comments below on Crush It. We’re also going to put a link to this blog we have on this exact topic that has screenshots. If you’re not comfortable making your own video or making your own blog or you haven’t got the time, then use ours. I talked about that on another subject last week.

You just want to be the authority. You want to be the one that deliver the information to your buyers, to your sellers. In this case, mostly to your buyers, unless they’re sellers that are also buying. Nothing wrong with sharing other people’s content. We do it all the time, I recommend that our realtors do it. Remember, people don’t necessarily believe what they hear when you actually tell them. You have to show them. That’s why showing them this video of me explaining or showing them the blog is perfect, or make your own. Get on camera, explain similar to how I did, and put it out on Facebook.

I don’t care if you copy me, all right? All the best to you in doing it. I think it’ll work out well for you, but take action today. Take advantage of this angle with your buyers so that you can show them why getting properties from you is better than looking for properties on Zillow. Instead of just screaming about Zestimates like everybody else does, you’ve got to show them other things. Get on there and show them that. That’s all guys. Good luck doing it this week. Have a great week.