Are You Working Out Or Being Lazy?

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Are you working out consistently? Do you have a consistent pattern of exercising your body, exercising your mind? Are you doing those things? Over the last two weeks, I have a confession to make, I fell off the track [inaudible 00:00:11]. Got stitches on my finger, 10 days ago my neck was out of whack, old football injury, went to the chiropractor a bunch. Well, I can not do upper body, I’ll just do legs and cardio for a couple of weeks. Well, guess what? Legs and cardio turned into every fifth day, I’m working out.

Yesterday I’m like, “God, I’m having a bad day.” I was aggravated, things were going wrong, I wasn’t handling certain things that were coming up in the same manner that I normally do and I’m like, “What am I doing wrong?” Then it hit me, “I’m off track. I’m not on my consistent track of working out,” and you know Jon Cheplak, who’s a personal friend now and real estate coach life coach, he always talks about, “If you want to get your business on track, you’ve got to get your health on track first. You got to get your mind on track first.”

For me, obviously, I have lots of energy. I think fortunately one of the things that happens is if I don’t work out consistently, I feel like I get out of balance with my energy. I notice I’m more prone to getting grumpy. Yesterday, I had a pretty grumpy day. A couple of things went wrong. A couple of things that people should have did better at some project we’re doing but then it hit me last night, I’m like, “God, I’m in a miserable mood.”

This morning when I got up, couldn’t work out, I was tied up, just did a bunch of things, brought my son to soccer and I’m like, “All right, you know what? Before we go out with the family, I am going to make sure that I get a workout in,” and just put Insanity on for 45 minutes. Just did it, the whole workout, cardio, legs, jumping up and down, squats, everything, now I’m sweating.

I look terrible and I don’t really care because I wanted to bring that message to you guys because I talk on here a lot about this real estate tip, that real estate tip, do this, do that. It’s like, “None of that’s any good if you’re not feeling at your prime all the time.” It’s not effective if you’re not feeling your best. I’m committing on camera that I am going in the next seven days straight working out. Yes, I can’t do as much upper body until this thing’s totally better but oh, well, there’s plenty of other things to do. That’s all my friends, have an awesome weekend. I hope you’re all doing well.