Are You Using the Media to Your Advantage?

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Anthony Lamacchia – August 29th, 2018

Hey everybody. I got back from vacation. Well, actually I came into the office yesterday afternoon. I was cleaning out my desk and I found these. I want to show you guys very closely. Laminated articles from the Boston Globe, span over here. Okay, I used these in 2007 when the market started crashing or 2008. I don’t remember when or exactly what year, but it talks about pricing it right. It talks about how the market changed. This year folks you can see the holes went one very listing appointment with me for three years.

The reason it did is when you use articles and you use the media, it takes the blame off of you. Remember, when the market slows down like it has right now, we’ve had a typical summer slowdown, something gets a little worse than a typical summer slowdown, is because of inventory going up and being higher than it was a year ago. Something that I pointed out from some of our reports. I’m not ready to say the market’s headed in the tank. I’m not ready to say that.

Do I think we might be out for an adjustment or a little bit of a– I don’t want to say a pause, but do I think that the never-ending downward inventory has finally bottomed out and is going to go back up a bit? Yes, I think we’re probably there and frankly, I’m happy about it but sellers are. There’s a number of Realtors right now who are frustrated sellers. I did a video some weeks back. I talked about grumpy sellers. Let’s face it, folks, we all love our sellers. We love listings, we love helping sellers, but we know in this business I always say this back when I sold I said this to the Realtors, I’m sorry to sellers a lot, I would say.

One thing about being a realtor you get more credit than you deserve when a home sells fast and you get more blame than you deserve when a home doesn’t sell. Now this summer in August with some homes not selling, guess who’s getting the blame? The Realtors. How do you get the blame off of you? Use the media folks. Use the news. Beginning of July there was a whole bunch of articles: Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Yahoo News. There was one in Inman recently that talked about how has the market changed. Is this it? Are we in for a serious correction?

All that type of stuff and it talked about our days when the market is up, prices seem to stop going up. Sales have been down, pendings have been down. You know how the news is, they make it sound worse than it is but does that help you with your seller if you take those articles and send them to your seller? Yes, it helps to deflect the blame off of you, it helps them realize wait a second, this is a market-wide thing.

It’s not just my agent. Use the media, maybe even do this folks. Now it’s a little easier although you could do it then but take these links, e-mail it out to your sellers when they’re actively on the market. If they get grumpy with you but this is a good reminder and I thought you guys would like to hear about it. Have a great day everyone.

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