Are You Using Facebook to Your Advantage or Are You Being Shy?

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Anthony Lamacchia – June 18th, 2018

Anthony Lamacchia: Hey, everybody. I’m out here in- where am I? Latham, New York. It’s near Albany. We’re talking, doing a training with Willie Miranda, Brian Miranda, Miranda Real Estate, and some visitors from other companies talking about all kinds of things to help buyers, help sellers.

I’m ending today’s training talking about the value of Facebook. Folks, if you are not using Facebook every day as a tool, a free tool to educate your sphere of influence, educate your buyers, educate your sellers, you are making a humongous mistake. Earlier this week, I talked about being the authority, being the go-to person, having top-of-mind awareness, I had it written on the board a minute ago, top of mind awareness within your sphere of influence. One of the easiest, most effective ways to do that is on Facebook. One of the things I talked about today was an article I read this week on how people spend an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook. 50 minutes a day. People are logging on all throughout the day. It is the most popular television station, there is. You’re thinking it’s not television. It basically is at this point, folks. It’s the most popular one. If you want to get serious about growing your realtor business for free, start telling more on Facebook, talking about what you’re doing, checking in where you are, talking about when you’re out of training.

How many people are going to check in today? Come on, wave to the camera. Checking in, sharing content, educating your clients, teaching. Remember, the more you help other people get what they want, the more you’ll get what you want. Thanks, everybody. Have a great day.