Are You Skeptical of Online Buyer Leads?

Video Transcription

[00:00:00] Speaker 1: Good morning everyone. I just want to get out of a quick video today talking about online buyer leads. There was a great article in Inman about two weeks ago by Gill South talking about– well, it was a special report how to make online buyer leads work and then there was a lot of opinions in there. Do they work? Don’t they work and they were talking about all the different websites, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook,, agents websites. The thing that makes me laugh there was a lot of negative comments in there about these buyer leads and it makes me laugh.

It just wants me to say, “Look friends, there’s no such thing as a lead that says, “Hi, I’m ready to buy now. I don’t have a realtor and I’m pre-approved.”” That doesn’t occur. Okay, think about how consumers behave. Think about how you behave. How do you behave when you want to buy a car? When you inquire on a product, you fill something out online and then when they get back to you, you take that call when you’re truthfully damn well ready, right? Think about that. That’s how we behave. If your attitude is well, I’m going to call them once or I’ll call them when I have time because I’m so busy or hey that lead didn’t get back to me, think about that.

If that’s your attitude, then you’re not going to convert many leads, but if your attitude is the opposite and you recognize that if they’re filling something out, they are serious folks. They’re not joking around. They didn’t go on the website browse through homes, click contact agent or see a home listed on Facebook and hit contact agent to find out about the home before it’s listed because they’re not buying a home at some point, think about that.

At our company, this year we’re probably going to sell somewhere between 300 and 400 homes from leads like this and that’s because of changes we made back in 2012. Where we really worked on talking to buyers about what they want and learning how to deal with buyers and convert them. When we made those changes, we saw significant changes in the buyer side of our business. Next month, starting on Wednesday, we’re going to be running a course for four weeks talking about buyer conversion and we have it for our agents here and we have close to 100 agents from around the country tuning into it.

What I will do is I will share bits and pieces of that course with you all on this Crush It page. That’s all, tune in next week and have a happy new year. Thanks everyone.

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