Are You Present?

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Anthony: Are you present when you’re with your clients? Are you there in making them feel like you’re engaged? We talked about this in the training today. We had a customer real estate training here at Bistro 781 and our top fan for the questions real estate page Mr. Shawn Malone himself from Momentum Real D, down in the south shore.

Awesome company, a lot of great agents. You jumped in and you talked about that and you talked about one of the ways that you train your agents. Can you talk about it?

Shawn: Yes, if you’re going to be showing up to an open house. If you’re going to be showing up to a closing. You’re there with your clients, pay attention to your clients. Don’t be on your phone, don’t be playing games, don’t be trying to introduce other business. Focus on the business that’s in front of you. Do what you do in that day. If you don’t attend your closings, that’s fine. Explain to your clients you’re not going to be, but if you’re going to be present, be present.

Anthony: That’s right. 100% right and what was funny and part of what brought up the conversation as I was talking about time management. When I was saying how once you get going the business you don’t need to go to closings because they’re for attorneys. One of the agents in the crowd said, “You know it’s funny you say that. My realtor went to my closing last year when I bought a home and she was on her phone the whole time and it really made me mad.” That’s when he jumped in and said how he teaches agents in his company not to do that.

Shawn: You just got to remember when you’re there for the client be there for your client. That’s the key to it.

Anthony: Simple. It’s totally simple. We’ve talked about it with open houses too. People say I don’t convert anyone from open houses. I say what do you do in your open house? You’re sitting at the counter like this in your phone. You’re not engaging with anyone. That’s all. Get off your phone, pay attention to who is present. It’s funny, do it like Shawn says. Thanks, Shawn.

Shawn: Thank you for having me.

Anthony: I appreciate you being a big bang buddy.