Are You Marketing Your Success?

Read the blog below:

Lindsay: Anthony, what are you doing?

Anthony: Lindsay, I’m focusing.

Lindsay: Okay.

Anthony: Oh, we’re on?

Lindsay: We’re on.

Anthony: All right. Success based marketing my friends. Check out what I’m doing here, really amazing drawing. All the homes that you’re selling right now folks, I don’t care if it’s two in the month of June, if it’s five in the month of June, if it’s more, put more. I used to love when I filled up the whole postcard. I want to see pictures of houses, and I want– Well, that was a really bad picture, hold on. I want to see pictures of houses, actual homes that you sold, and I want to see Suzy Q, the realtor had a busy month. See here busy. You guys get my point.

Obviously, art is not my profession. What I’m getting at is, success based marketing my friends. You’re selling homes right now, I know most of you do a great job on Facebook. Congrats to someone, so sold this home, sold that home. Guys, don’t forget direct mail. Right now is the best time of year, I shouldn’t say best time of year, but the reason I say it right now and I emphasize it right now, because really, this is something that should be done in 12 months a year. Right now, people have more sold than they do six months ago, because the majority of closings happen at this time of year.

You got a little money, you had some deals closed, get some postcards, send it out to your sphere of influence, send it out to your prospects, send it out to your neighborhood. I don’t care who, but guys market your sold. Success based marketing, showing people that you are selling homes. When I started in the business I could barely scrape together two homes to put on a postcard. Then within a few years, I remember literally filling up the card.

Sometimes I would have across the top, it would say like, “June was a busy month, sold, sold, sold, sold”. Then I’d have my name and number and email and all that down the bottom. Guys, you can do that, but you have to have a list, you have to have a database. We’ve talked about that before and then get this postcard made and send it out. Don’t overthink, just do it. Success based marketing works my friends. Lindsay, can I get back to drawing?

Lindsay: Yes.

Anthony: All right.

Lindsay: Please do.

Anthony: Over here, I would put–