Are You Grateful?

Read the blog below:

Anthony Lamacchia: Morning, everybody. I was just thinking while I was working out and watching the news like I always do every morning, I’m a news addict, that I feel really grateful to be in the business that we’re in as realtors because one thing about real estate, it never sleeps. Any of you that watched my video yesterday that I did on the Lamacchia Realty page, I was doing a real estate update, and I was explaining the market and explaining homes listed, homes pending.

Yes, there’s no question, it slowed down dramatically a month ago and now we’re on the uplift, but think of these restaurants, think of airlines, think of gyms, businesses that literally went to zero business. Many of them, sadly, are still at zero business and it really got me thinking. Honestly, I’ve been thinking it for a while, but this morning it hit me like especially and I was just wanted to share it with you all because–

Obviously, business has been slower, activity has been down for most. It’s no doubt, it’s picking up. There’s no denying it. You can see it right in the statistics, but honestly, we can’t complain as realtors. Yes, it’s frustrating. Yes, it’s a punch in the mouth to people who are fired up to have the biggest year ever. By the way, you can still have that and we’re going to talk about that Friday.

In all honestly and in all seriousness, if any of you are feeling down or any of you are feeling like, “Oh, God. This was my year. This was this,” guys, you can still achieve it. Make sure to think about those who can’t work at all, those with no revenue at all. I feel bad for all walks of life, from someone who has an entry-level job making minimum wage, to people who own even major businesses that couldn’t get any assistance because they got demonized if they did.

Just imagine having a ton of people that you’re responsible for and not having the money to pay them or revenue shuts down 100%. Think of it this way, businesses and people have gone bankrupt or gone completely broke because of revenues or income going down 20% or 10% or 30%. Think of when you’re an employee or let’s say some of you– I know that a lot of people waited tables before they get into real estate or tended bar.

Just think when your income– like you had two weeks that income was down right in January. Think of those times that income dipped. Well, imagine it going to zero. We need to be so grateful and really look at the big picture and understand that we’re lucky to be in real estate. The thing about real estate is it never sleeps. It never stops. It never ever comes to a grinding halt, period, end of the story. It does not, ever.

I’ve been doing this since 2004 and went through ’08 like a lot of people did. Now, we’re going through this. Every single day of every single week, there’s a buyer making an offer on a home, a seller accepting an offer, a tenant accepting, putting in an application on a unit, a landlord accepting. It never stops because living somewhere is a basic necessity of life. It’s not a want, it’s a need.

We’re just so lucky to be in a situation where– yes, it’s slower, but we can still do some business. I think that we all should take a breath and think about that because I know there’s been a lot of realtors that have been feeling down about it, rightfully so. A lot of realtors feeling down about it and people and business owners, fellow broker-owners. I’ve talked to some who sounded really upset and down on the dumps.

I keep those conversations confidential, but we need to remember the big picture. We’re still doing business and it’s coming back big time. Now, we’re going to go into what’s going to be the biggest summer ever. I think that we all just need to remember that. I wanted to mention that. The other two quick things that I wanted to mention is tomorrow morning, multiple offer situations are back on the increase, though they never really slowed down a ton, but now, there’s more properties coming on so there’s more of them.

On my weekly Crush It In Real Estate update/training that I do at 11:00 AM on Wednesdays when I open the door– I call it opening the doors to our in-house Lamacchia Realty training, we’re going to spend probably half the time on getting your offer accepted in a multiple offer situation. I’m going to show you a document and a blog that we created years ago called Ready to Strike. We’re going to do a training on that specifically, in addition to a weekly update and things like that.

That’ll be at 11:00 AM tomorrow on Wednesday. Then Friday, if you haven’t signed up yet, make sure to log on to, that’s, TV voice. That’s going to be Friday at 3:00. I’m going to go over how every single person watching right now, and I see a good amount building up, can still have as big of a year as they wanted to. It is still possible. I’m going to show you statistically how it’s possible.

I’m going to give you multiple tips on many, many, many things you can do from mindset, to tactically speaking, to getting childcare. There’s going to be a lot I’m going to talk about Friday at 3:00, but that’s not live here. That is a Zoom event and you must register and it’s maxed out at 500. Log on to That’s it, my friends. I’m freezing sitting under my deck here. See, there’s the roof to my deck.

I just finished working out P90X and I need to go eat some breakfast and start the day. Everybody, have a wonderful day. Let’s remember to be grateful. You know what? There’s people that have a lot worse than us realtors right now, a lot worse. I probably should have did this video a month ago, but it hit me now and I wanted to talk about it. Have a great day, everyone. I wish you all well. Thank you.