Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Day??

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Anthony Lamacchia – March 2018


Speaker 1: Morning everybody, we’re here doing a training at The Lamacchia Realty Training Center. We have a good amount of people, more will be on the way. Friends here from Georgia say hello.

[00:00:08] Speaker 2: Hi.

[00:00:09] Speaker 1: Visiting front row seat. Today we’re talking about getting ready for busy season which, busy season is here, so maybe I’m a week or two late. Time management, basically managing your schedule, getting the most out of your day, getting the most out of your week during busy season. This is when the bad habits kick back in. First of the year I talked about goals, I talked about time management. I know that a lot of people put those things in place, but as soon as busy season hits, they start flailing and doing all kinds of non dollar-productive activities.

We’re talking about that today here and we’re excited about it, right?


[00:00:44] Speaker 1: All right. Have a good day everyone.