Are You Connecting with Clients Because You Care?

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Anthony Lamacchia – July 18th, 2018

Anthony Lamacchia: Hey, everybody. Do you want to increase your buy referral business at our company we’re putting a tremendous amount of focus into that this month? We’re doing a lot of training on it. I’m here at the Invent Connect Conference in San Francisco with a friend of mine, Veronica Figueroa from Florida. Say, hello.

[00:00:15] Veronica: Hi, everyone.

[00:00:17] Anthony: We just got out of the session [unintelligible 00:00:17]. One of the people back there just spoke and she was talking about working by referral. One of the things she said mirrored exactly what I said in our training last week which was reaching out to people and having meaningful conversations. She talked about the need to reach out, not expect everybody to call you. You had some things to add to it, Veronica?

[00:00:36] Veronica: Absolutely. We’re just talking about this with our agents. The most important things that they can do for their business right now is reaching out to their past clients, to their [unintelligible 00:00:44] check in on them. Being connected with them, not expecting business out of it, with true relationships that are meaningful. Have you checked on them? Have they met the neighbors? Is there anything that you can do, such as a vendor list and just, “How are the kids?”

That makes a huge difference in their business. It’s how we built our business from scratch and also it’s how you make a lot of great friends as well.

[00:01:05] Anthony: One of the things we were just talking about with Barbara, the person who was on stage is I love one of the things she said onstage. She said, “When you reach out to people that you’re reaching out to check in with them with a mindset of I want to buyer or I want to sell her, it doesn’t work as well. You have to have it in your heart to actually give a damn about people and check in on how they’re doing.”

That’s the tip of the day. Do not be shy about reaching out to people. Pick that phone up. Say, hello, like she said, “You don’t know where to start, call your past clients. Call people that closed a month ago, check in and see how they’re doing if they have an issue, help them with it and genuinely care.” That’s all folks. Thank you very much.