Anthony’s Interview with Jason Niles

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Anthony Lamacchia – June 15th, 2018

[00:00:00] Anthony: Hey, everybody. I’m here with Jason Niles, one of our great realtors. I decided about a month ago, I got the idea from a friend that we’re going to start filming videos like this just talking to realtors about their businesses. My first one was with someone else a couple weeks ago and today’s with Jason. Say hello, Jason.

[00:00:19] Jason Niles: Hello.

[00:00:20] Anthony: Now, Jason started working in our company year and a half ago?

[00:00:23] Jason: Yes, a year and a half.

[00:00:24] Anthony: When you joined you were living in Boston, now you’re living in this area around here, I think Belmont. Your business, from what I can tell, is mostly Waltham down to Norwood to Boston. Am I right? Usually.

[00:00:38] Jason: Yes. Waltham, Watertown, any surrounding neighborhoods around Boston, and then Boston. Pretty much, I go north and south.

[00:00:47] Anthony: I’ve noticed, and you’ve been busy. I know last year, when was it? On the fall, we had a couple of relocation customers in a row that were buying Somerville Cambridge.

[00:00:56] Jason: They were buying in Jamaica Plain and then in Boston, actually.

[00:01:00] Anthony: Okay. You ended up helping both of them.

[00:01:02] Jason: Yes.

[00:01:03] Anthony: They came in from Chicago.

[00:01:04] Jason: Yes, they came in from Chicago, then I sent one out. They were looking at Connecticut, I think.

[00:01:09] Anthony: Good. I know you’re a social media rockstar. Part of the reason we’re doing this. I saw you shooting baskets the other night.

[00:01:18] Jason: Yes. I still have it a little bit.

[00:01:19] Anthony: You put three deals together, you said, in the last week. Without giving away any information about the clients, what type of clients? They buying and selling? Are they relocation? What are they?

[00:01:31] Jason: Well, two were first-time home buyers. The other one was actually my listing in Norwood. I sold and actually sold to that client last year, actually.

[00:01:43] Anthony: Okay. Good. How are you feeling about the market this year?

[00:01:47] Jason: I’m happy about it, actually.

[00:01:49] Anthony: Well, you’ve been doing well. You’re ahead of last year, I think.

[00:01:51] Jason: Yes, for sure.

[00:01:52] Anthony: That’s good news. The tiny inventory has been frustrating for many. I know in the last week, we’ve been talking about how it’s a little better in the last few weeks. What’s your feeling as far as how it’s been so far this year and as far as what do you expect in the months to come with the market overall? Because we have agents that work all the way out to Worcester. You’re pretty much Waltham East. You’re working in the hotbed of multiple offers, of low inventory, of frustrated buyers. Can you talk about that for a few minutes?

[00:02:19] Jason: Yes. You just have to really prep your buyers and educate them to make sure they can deal with this market. I put two offers in Monday, one got 17 offers. My buyer’s actually from New York, so he’s not familiar with how it is here really per se. He was like, “Whoa, 17?” I’m like, “Yes.”

[00:02:39] Anthony: [laughs] It’s like a normal day here.

[00:02:41] Jason: Yes. Then I had another buyer who’s a little bit more savvy to this market. He’s local. Same thing.

[00:02:50] Anthony: I’m curious. The one from New York, what part of New York? Because if they’re from the city–

[00:02:54] Jason: I think he’s from upstate.

[00:02:55] Anthony: Okay. That explain it. From the city, this kind of thing’s happening in the city. I know that us, Seattle, Sam, pretty much all the major cities, this thing is happening. You’re working hard to make sure they’re prepared, and I always see your clients giving you good testimonials. He won’t tell you that, but I will. He’s not one to brag, but I do see good testimonials, which means you’re setting the right expectations, guiding them through the process. What do you see in the months to come? We got summer coming, obviously inventory will be a little better. Pricing, how are you feeling about the market overall?

[00:03:30] Jason: I think it’s going to start to swing, soften up a little bit. I’m seeing that now already.

[00:03:37] Anthony: Making it easier on buyers?

[00:03:38] Jason: Yes, exactly.

[00:03:39] Anthony: I agree with that. Obviously, you’re telling your clients about that. We’re trying to get some messaging out as a company about that. All right. Anything about your business that you want to tell people about or anything they should know?

[00:03:51] Jason: Yes. I’ve been doing this would be nine years actually next month.

[00:03:54] Anthony: Really?

[00:03:55] Jason: Yes, I’ve been doing this nine years. Coming here made all the difference for me.

[00:04:01] Anthony: Oh, geez. You don’t have to say that. I was talking about your business, buddy.

[00:04:04] Jason: Well, I’m going to get into that. I literally have a sales line the size of like a wall in a bedroom. active sales line, sales my plan.

[00:04:13] Anthony: You mean clients that are looking for homes, that are going to sell soon?

[00:04:17] Jason: Yes, sellers, buyers, all that stuff.

[00:04:19] Anthony: Good. More than you ever had.

[00:04:21] Jason: Ever. I’ve never seen that. It’s on the strength of coming here and all the stuff that this guy offers. [chuckles]

[00:04:29] Anthony: Well, I appreciate that. We’re obviously thrilled to have you here. You’ve been a great part of the company. Just yesterday, you were right here with me and we were doing a social media training for a lot of our agents who were too shy on social media. You’re not, you’re like me. That’s good. Anything about your business? I want you to talk about you. He’s not too good at that. Anything you want to tell them? You obviously help a lot of buyers, a lot of sellers. Occasionally, tenants?

[00:04:54] Jason: Occasionally.

[00:04:55] Anthony: Landlords occasionally?

[00:04:56] Jason: Occasionally, not too much.

[00:04:58] Anthony: You brought in, what? 15 units to our property management company for me. You always have contacts. He talks it up like it doesn’t happen a lot, but you brought in 15 units to our property management company. You referred them over to us. I’ll say it for him. If you’re buying, selling, renting, trying to rent the unit, need property management help, need advice, whatever you need, all things real estate, Jason’s your guy. He’s great at it. We’re thrilled to have him here. Thank you, sir.

[00:05:27] Jason: Thank you.

[00:05:28] Anthony: All right, I appreciate it.

[00:05:30] [END OF AUDIO]