2019 Goal Setting

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Anthony: Goal-setting goal-setting goal-setting, it’s that time of year everybody’s talking about business planning and goal setting for next year and this is also the time of year that you hear a lot of talk. I’m going to sell 50 homes last year. How many did you sell this year? 20. My question always is how are you going to do that? How are you going to do that? A lot of talk at this time of year. I’m going to sell 50, I’m going to sell 60, I’m going to sell 20. The thing that I always think about and always ask people is okay, what are you going to do differently to change the outcome?

You’re not going to just mysteriously sell 50 homes if you were selling 20, or sell 10 homes if you were selling nothing. You have to do things differently, you have to implement new things. Maybe you have to take some things out of your life to create time. Maybe you have to put a new habit or a discipline into your life and that’s what I want to talk about today. This is basically part one of I think what will be two part series on goal-setting for 2019. We did training’s on this over the last couple weeks at our company and I thought I would share some thoughts with you guys.

The first thing that you need to be thinking about is exactly what I said. What are you going to do differently to change the outcome? Okay, that’s step number one. If you’re selling 15 homes a year in every single day of your life you feel like you’re maxed out and you couldn’t fit another minute of work into your day, then I have news for you. You’re not going to sell 25 or 30 because you’ve got to create more time. You need to implement some time management strategies and perhaps get yourself some help. Something has to change to create more time.

Okay, you guys follow me on that? I want to make sure people are thinking about that. Also, think about marketing and advertising. If you’re getting, let’s say in the past year you had 10 listing appointments and next year you want to get 20. Well, 20 aren’t going to just fall out of the sky. You might get some more just by nature of your business growing in more years, but are you really going to double and they’re going to fall out of the sky? You probably need to market yourself more and be more aggressive. I always love when people say does marketing work?

For years, people used to say to me, “Hey, do those TV ads work?” We do a lot of television advertising up here for our national friends that are watching. You might not know that but to this day I occasionally get that question. Does TV work? No, I just do it for fun. It doesn’t work, but anyway, back to the subject at hand. What I was telling you guys about is, what are you going to do differently because that’s what I want you thinking about. That’s what you need to be planning in your mind to get yourself to that next level next year, okay?

Is it more marketing of yourself, is it getting up earlier every day, creating another hour in your day so that every morning you can work on your business in an undisturbed fashion every morning without your phone going off and email going off, you can actually sit there and plot and plan and strategize to grow your business. Are you going to start implementing some time management strategies? Maybe do things like not attend all the damn closing. Sorry folks, you don’t need to attend your closings. Maybe stop attending every home inspection on your listing to save some time.

Stop driving around and delivering checks all over creation. We do have the US Mail. What things can you implement to create more time in your life? One of the things we talked about on the training last week I already vaguely mentioned is, what can you take out of your life to create more time? One thing we’re all great at is putting new things in our life. I’m going to do this and I’m going to do that and I’m going to have this and I’m going to add that and when people do it, I often listen and I say, “Wait a second, if your schedule has already maxed out how are you going to do that? What are you going to take out what are you going to remove what time wasting thing is going on in your life that you’re going to remove?” It might not always be real estate-related time-wasting activities. It could be other things, and I don’t know what those are in your personal life, but you need to think about that. That’s basically step one, part one of what I want to talk to you all about goal-setting and planning for 2019.

Mindset. What are you going to do differently to change the outcome? I think we’ve got some people coming down for the day. I got to get going it’s breakfast time here at the Lamacchia household but that’s part one. Part two will be out next week. Have a good day everybody.