2 Tips for Increasing Online Reviews

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Anthony Lamacchia – July 2, 2018

Hey everybody, do you want more raving fans? Do you want to improve your online presence? Do you want to make it so that when people look you up they see good things? Well, you should. Your answer should be yes to all of those questions, and since I know they are now is a good time to be asking for online reviews. Last week was the busiest week of the year for the closing of real estate transactions. Every year the last week of June more home sell than any other single week of the year and June is usually the largest month overall for homes sold as well.

With that being said, most of your Realtors I hope most of you had a lot of closings last month or had some closings last month and now is the time to number one check in with these people. Don’t forget about your clients. Simple text messages, “Hey just checking in. I know we closed two weeks ago. How’s things going? They’re doing great. We’re really happy. Okay, if there’s any issues at all please let me know with your mortgage or with this or with that.” Make sure to check in with them and then part two is, “Hey, by the way, would you be okay with giving me an online review. I would really appreciate if you mentioned several times you were happy with my service and I was thrilled to have you as a client. Would you mind going online and talking about your experience? I could send you or I will send you an email with the correct places to post them.”

Then you follow up with an email that has the links in there that you’re going to post. I’m sorry the links in there that they should post on your Zillow link maybe Better Business Bureau, Google reviews, all those kinds of things send it to them in a nice email so that it’s simple with them with the instructions. For example, Google review is only going to work if someone has a Gmail account, mention that to them. Zillow reviews it takes a little bit of work, it takes a few days to get approved. Mention that to them, make it simple on them but a text message to check in on how they’re doing in advance and then asking for review is the best way to do it. Not just a email, you haven’t talked to them in two weeks or a month and, “Hey, can you give me a review?” No, checking on them, make sure they’re doing okay, then ask for the review.

By the way, if they do have an issue, this is my last tip of the day, if they do have some sort of issue even if it doesn’t involve you, stick your nose in and help them out. We make that a priority at our company where someone has something wrong, we help them. That’s all my friends, have a great week. I know there’s a holiday week here, I know a lot of you have been working very hard and hopefully, you’ll have some downtime in the next seven days to relax. All right, thanks have a great day and a great week. Happy fourth.