We Still Have 1/3 of the Year Left!

Read the blog below:

Anthony Lamacchia: Oh, we had an interesting training today. One of the things that I talked to our group about was, there is a third left in the year. As of yesterday, we’re two-thirds through the year. Four full months left. Don’t get it in your head like I feel like in the fall. Too many people are like, “Next year, I’m going to kill it at this. Next year, I’m going to kill it at that.” It’s like, no, no, no. How about kill it right now? How about have the biggest fall you’ve ever had in your entire career?

I’ll tell you, you’ll be happy you did, because it’s going to be a tricky winter again. I’m telling you all that now, extremely low inventory. I don’t think it’ll be as bad as last year what we just went through this past year, but it is going to be a tight inventory market. It’s going to be quite frustrating. What better way than to get ahead of it, then have a killer fall. Roll into the first of the year, making money with momentum, so that you are ready to rock for 2022, because mark my words, we’re going to hit a slow period in the winter of 2022, likely into the spring where it’s going to be multiple offers going on like mad, people fighting over properties, et cetera.

One of the things that I talked to the group about was I said, “Have you told buyers and sellers that if you’re selling and buying at the same time, this fall is a better time to do that than this past spring, than this past summer.” Why? Because inventory as a whole always peaks the first week in October, especially up in the Northern states, up here, Massachusetts, New England, places like that.

Inventory peaks, you need to be saying that and explaining that to your sell/buy clients, so that they understand that it’s going to be a lot easier to put their home in the market, get a buyer, identify a home, make an offer on a home, and actually have like a little bit of time to do that, and a little bit of leeway to do that, over the next three months, a lot easier than the last three.

Think about that. You’re only two-thirds through the year. You have an entire third left. If you’re not where you want to be with your goals, think about your actions. How about double your actions? How about triple, quadruple your actions? Get in touch with more people, dial more leads, post more on Facebook, do all kinds of things to put yourself on offense more, so that you can finish the year really, really strong, and going to 2022, getting paid in those early winter months, so that as you get through winter, it’s easier.

I wanted to mention that to you all because I want to make sure that people realize that there’s a lot in this year left, and you can do a lot of business. That’s all my friends. Good luck, and happy home selling.