Two years ago was the beginning!

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Anthony Lamacchia: Two years ago today was the day that rates really started to go up a significant amount and over that following 3 weeks into June of 2022 was when everyone said whoa the market is really changing and we are now in for it well folks if you’re still in the business if you’re still kicking ass if you’re still doing a decent amount of business congratulations you have made it through the worst of it what do we have left if I had to bet probably another year of this high interest rate environment with a lack of sellers listing their home but you are getting through it and the work that you are doing now is setting up the rest of the decade for you okay there’s going to be a significant amount of people who have been on the sidelines that are going to come out of the woodwork there is a significant amount of sellers who would like to sell like to buy a bigger home but they keep holding off and the longer they hold off the more and more that pent up demand builds up and at some point it’s going to start to break if you asked me when I would say next year it will start and then the years after it will be game on for the rest of this decade I guarantee it That’s all folks make it a great day.

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