Training Is What We All Need Most!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Need more confidence, want to feel better about going into appointments, going on to phone calls with buyers with sellers, et cetera. If you want more confidence, you need more training, that’s how it goes. Training is what makes us all better. Take a look at navy seals, right? They train on things and they do it repeatedly over and over and over and over and that’s why they get so good at it, okay? Yesterday we had a graduation of our REAL Training Basics course and we were outside and an agent asked me, “How do you recommend I go about getting more confidence to go into things.” I said, “Come to as much training as possible.”

Now today I’m in training mode because it’s Wednesday here at our company, we do it every single Wednesday in our company. Today we were going over a whole number of things. I talked about the fall market and how it’s changing, how the extreme- buyer demand is backing off a little bit because it’s that time of year. We were also talking about pulling comparative properties. We were talking about our Working By Referral course. This afternoon we are going over a recap of our Listing Lead Playbook, what to do from the time you get a listing lead to close. If you’re an agent, if you’re a team leader, if you’re a broker owner, you’ve got to get yourself and the other people under you, if you’re in a leadership position, training.

I don’t care if you have to subscribe to Brian Buffini, Craig Proctor, Mike Ferry- It doesn’t matter to me. Tom Ferry, whoever, right? Tune into our Crush It In Real Estate videos and these videos that I put up every week. Go to and look. I’m going to be putting on a session next week with our friends at Ylopo that’s a great company that we do business with, they are out of California. I am going to be talking to them. I’m going to be talking to small team leaders, large team leaders, broker owners about things they can do to grow their business. Guess what’s first on my list, number one, set up a training program, and have it be continuous over and over and over. I can’t emphasize that enough.

If you’re at a company that doesn’t have training, go out and get the training. Go somewhere else. Get the training. Get yourself- so you’re being trained consistently. All right? That’s all. Have a good day.