Top 10 Posts of 2023

Welcome to our list of the Top 10 Reels of 2023. We really wanted to put an emphasis on Instagram this year and our views did not disappoint. What a wild ride this year has been, huh? It’s been a rollercoaster of changes, a few nail-biting moments, and a whole new market landscape that had some of us wondering if our GPS was broken. But fear not! We’ve been your trusty co-pilots through it all, dropping content like breadcrumbs to help you navigate this new terrain.

Our reels this year? Oh, they were the real MVPs. From busting myths about the market crash to embracing email marketing (even when it feels like sending messages into the void), we covered it all. We’ve had laughs, lightbulb moments, and maybe a few “a-ha” realizations along the way. And if you’re a REALTOR not following our account yet, you’re basically choosing to navigate this wild market with a blindfold on. So, buckle up, grab your favorite snack (we’re partial to popcorn for maximum entertainment), and let’s walk down memory lane with our top reels that educated and entertained which is the Crush It In Real Estate way!


It is never gonna be the perfect time!

Waiting for the perfect time to do something is pretty much a myth. Anthony talked about how life is full of unexpected turns and waiting around for everything to line up just right can mean missing out on some cool chances. The big takeaway was to just go for it, whether it’s kicking off a new project, chasing a dream, or shaking up your life in a big way. Basically, the video was a nudge to stop waiting and start doing, because the perfect moment is right now. It really hit home that sometimes, just jumping in and figuring things out along the way is the best move.

20.4k Views | Released April 2023


Elliot Eisenberg - Bowtie Economist

Remember Elliot Eisenberg, the Bowtie Economist, giving his keynote at our 2023 Crush It event? What a hit that was! Elliot, who’s a total rockstar in the economics world, broke down the current economic climate in a way that was super relevant for the audience. He dished out some solid strategies for REALTORS looking to thrive in these tricky times. Not only was his talk packed with insights, but he also made economics fun and easy to grasp. He had this amazing energy and humor that just made the whole thing a blast to watch. Definitely a highlight for anyone wanting to get the lowdown on the market in a way that’s both informative and entertaining!

23k Views | Released February 2023


Anthony Calls Upon REALTORS to Cooperate

In this clip of Anthony on stage, at our 2023 Crush It Event talking about “Speed, Causes Friction.” Anthony totally nailed it, diving into how in the real estate biz, speed is key, but it can also cause some bumps along the way. He got real about understanding the different perspectives in the game – like what’s going on with buyers, sellers, and both their agents. His main vibe was all about teaming up and working faster, but also smarter, together. It was a real eye-opener for everyone in the industry, showing how empathy and collaboration can make things smoother for everyone involved.

23.1k Views | Released May 2023


Lindsay Screwed Up

Did you catch this relatable moment we shared of Lindsay Favazza, the VP of Marketing at Crush It and Lamacchia Realty? Lindsay talked about how she had this whole plan to post a video right after a training session on Video Marketing, but then totally forgot.  But here’s the cool part: when she told Anthony about it, he was like, “No big deal, just post it now!” So she did, and it turned out to be #7 of the year. The video was all about showing that you don’t need a massive production to make an impact. Just be yourself, get out of your head, and hit ‘post’. 

24.7k Views | May 2023


You Need More Buyers!

This gem was all about a common struggle agents were facing this year. So many were frustrated they couldn’t seal deals with their clients. But Anthony flipped the script! He explained that having more buyers is the solution. The key? You need even more buyers to land more deals. Anthony’s way of breaking it down was super straightforward and totally made sense. If you’re an agent feeling the heat this year, this video is a must-watch. It’s all about turning what you think is a setback into your biggest advantage.

30.5k Views | Released April 2023


I predicted 8%... and Guess What?

Anthony kept a close eye on the wild roller coaster ride of interest rates this year. Every time there’s been a change, he’s been on top of it, sharing the best ways for agents to break the news to their clients. But here’s the kicker – in this video, Anthony pointed out some predictions he made earlier that actually came true! It’s like he had a crystal ball or something. He and Gerry have this knack for reading the market and it totally shows. If you’re in real estate and need some tips on how to chat with clients about all these rate changes, this video is a goldmine.

33.1k Views | Released August 2023


Rates were at 8!

Anthony had another epic video 2 months later but this time he’s talking about how a recession could actually help with these rates. Sounds wild, right? Anthony breaks it down in a way that makes a ton of sense. He explains the economics behind it, making it super clear why a downturn might lead to better sales. It’s a different angle for sure, but Anthony has a way of shedding light on these complex topics. It’s not just about understanding the market; it’s about seeing the silver lining in tough situations. Anthony’s insights are always spot on, and this one’s no exception.

33.8k Views | Released October 2023


Limiting Beliefs

Did you catch that killer video we put up with Anthony talking about limiting beliefs? It was all about how excuses and these beliefs are really holding REALTORS back. Anthony laid it out there, no sugar-coating. You’ve got to ditch those excuses and start shaking things up! The cool part was when he talked about giving training programs a shot. They actually work and can help agents break through those barriers. It’s a real game-changer for anyone in real estate feeling stuck in the same old patterns. Anthony’s message? Stop making excuses and start making changes. If you’re a REALTOR and haven’t seen this video yet, you’re missing out on some serious motivation to step up your game.

43.5k Views | Released April 2023


Your Content S*%#s

Sometimes the truth hurts. Anthony hit the nail on the head – if you’re not using email or think it’s not working for you, it’s probably because you’re not sending out the right content. Anthony’s take on this was super straightforward: start experimenting with new types of emails and make sure your list is always fresh and up-to-date. It’s a game changer for anyone who’s been underestimating the power of a solid email campaign. He’s basically saying, “Hey, give it a real shot and see the difference!” If you’ve been on the fence about email marketing or struggling to make it work, this video is a must-watch. It’s packed with practical tips to get your email game on point.

46.1k Views | Released June 2023

#1 Crush it in real estate graphic

I'm going to wait for the market
to crash!

Well now we have arrived at the #1 video we launched in 2023. It featured Anthony diving into one of the most talked-about topics in real estate: clients saying, “I’m going to wait for the market to crash” before they make a purchase. This video was a hit because Anthony tackled this issue head-on. He shared insights on how REALTORS can effectively address these common client concerns, emphasizing the need for providing accurate and clear information. His approach was all about engaging with clients and debunking the myths surrounding the housing market. This wasn’t just another talk; it was a practical guide for realtors to help their clients make informed decisions amidst the market’s ups and downs. This was a part of his keynote speech at the 2023 Crush It Kickoff and our next event is coming soon. Do not miss the great topics that will be discussed. Click below to REGISTER! 

56k Views | Released February 2023