Tips to Grow your Social Media Following

Full video transcript below:

Anthony Lamacchia: How do you grow your Instagram following? What changes should you make? This topic has been coming up a lot lately. Was texting with someone about it this morning, and then I was just sitting here with some good friends. Mr. Greg Hamre in Canada, Chelsea Hamre right here, and a couple of others you’re going to say hi to in a minute. Let’s get to it. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush It in Real Estate from Big Lake. How do I say?

Greg: Rideau Lake.

Anthony: Rideau Lake in Canada. I want to give you a couple of tips. Number one, stop looking so perfect in your damn videos all the time. People want to see the real you. People want to see behind the scenes. That’s number one, so you mix it up. Sometimes you’ll look professional and proper, sometimes you dress down a little bit. That’s something that’s very important, and that’s helped me considerably here on Facebook, on Instagram, on my personal Instagram following. That’s a big deal. Another tip is hijack the Instagram link and email it out to your database. Which by the way, you should have. We were just talking about this with my friend Nick here. Nic, say hello. Nic’s another Hamre.

Nic: Hey, guys, how we doing?

Anthony: Just starting in real estate in the last couple of years. This guy is going to crush it in real estate. Then I asked Nicole if she wanted to join our following, she said no, and she said she wanted to stay off camera. Nicole, would you have to add anything?

Nicole: No. 

Anthony: No? Okay. Listen, folks, email out the links, go live randomly. I’m a big fan of live. You have to dress normal.

Chelsea: Background. Change background.

Anthony: Change backgrounds. That’s another one that I mentioned. You cannot have the same backgrounds all the time.

Greg: Do your intro.

Anthony: Oh, an intro, that’s another one.

Greg: Clear paragraph, people.

Anthony: Whenever you start a video, always start with the topic first, then introduce yourself. Do you notice I did that today? Now I cheated a little bit and I introduced Chelsea and Greg, but I can cheat at this point, I have a lot of followers, right? Not everybody can do that. Just make sure you’re putting out also good content. That’s the other thing that I said. I said, what did I say? Nick, I said, when you– come on Nick. When you educate what?

Nick: When you educate, you attract.

Anthony: Boom. This guy’s a fast learner, folks. All right, everybody Crush It in Real Estate, have a good weekend.