Time To Start Getting Back Together

Read the blog below:

Anthony: It’s time to start getting back together folks, time to get rid of the– I don’t want to say COVID excuse because COVID is clearly legit and it was necessary to avoid being together for a period of time. Now, most people are vaccinated. Most people are essentially approved to be out and about. We’re allowed to take masks off. It is time to get back together. I am here at our Worcester office, Lamacchia Worcester.

By transaction, it is our most successful office. As far as growth goes, it has been our most successful office each year. Here’s why. This is the office that everybody comes to work, everybody shows up. Right now, we’re doing a weekly training tour at all our different offices. Every single week, we go to a different office. I do some training, other managers and VPs and whoever trainers put on training.

This week, since we have so many people in Worcester and we knew we would get such a crowd, we said, let’s do it outside. We knew that we would not be able to get everyone in this building. This building here is one I bought a few years ago and it is home to probably the most real estate sold of any small building in Massachusetts, but we knew we wouldn’t be able to get everyone inside so we said, let’s do it outside.

Look at the crowd. This is just now. Imagine when it’s lunch and later when we have a cookout. We have a panel of three agents. One of them is a vet in the business, Leslie Storrs, down the end. Been in the business 30 years, sells 40 homes a year like it’s nothing. The next one is Jason Pincomb. Jason’s a great guy. Jason has been in the business 10 or 15 years, sells a lot of homes. He’s adding value, he’s talking to agents.

Then Michelle Farrell’s a new agent, been in the business a little more than a year and she is absolutely killing it. She’ll probably sell 25, 30 homes this year. She has several deals over a million dollars under contract. Then our moderator is Lindsay Favazza in the red shirt. Lindsey is our vice president of marketing. They have a panel and they’re talking about different strategies to grow businesses.

Then we have our photographer, Brandon, there on the left and IT people and all different to put this on. We’re televising this training out to all of our other offices across Massachusetts and actually down to the folks in Florida. The point of this video is not necessarily to advertise what we’re doing here but to get you all to understand that it is time to get back out there. It is time to get back with people.

When you’re around others, success is contagious and it will draw you into working harder, doing better, that competitive feeling, and so on. It’s no mistake that this is the office that everybody goes to work every day and this is the office that has such a crowd. Although we did have some huge crowds at other offices as well, but this one’s a little different where it’s outside, there’s also people inside.

You get my point. Get yourself out there, get back in front of people. It’s time to start mixing with people again and doing business. Let’s put COVID behind us. That’s all, my friends. Talk to you later.