Things Are Starting To Open Up!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: It’s happening, my friends, it’s happening. The market is opening up. We all should be celebrating. It’s opening up. We’re seeing in the last week to 10 days, I can see it in the numbers, I can see it in things that realtors are saying. Offers are getting accepted. Offers have been getting accepted all along, but more offers are getting accepted. I’m even hearing some stories of some contingent offers getting accepted. Instead of hearing of 30 to 60 offers per property, I’m hearing of 10 to 20 or 8 to 15. It’s getting better.

Remember what I’ve been saying all along. It’s a numbers game. It’s impossible for it not to get better. What does this mean? What should you do as a realtor now that this is happening? Well, number one, you should put a smile on your face. You should be happy and you should project happiness about this because a lot of buyers have fatigue and a lot of realtors have fatigue, but here’s the deal, guys. There’s no time for fatigue. There’s not.

If you’re mad or you’re sad or you’re worn out or all of this business, sorry, that’s the business you chose. Capitalism works in very funny ways and it goes into extremes and now it’s going to go back and it’s going to get easier. It’s important to take advantage of it and to properly update your clients so that they’re aware of what’s going on. Number one, you should be telling your buyers that it’s getting better. More inventory is coming on, that you’re seeing improvement, that it’s going to get easier for them to get offers accepted in the weeks to come.

It’s already getting– When I say better, we’re talking an inch at a time, an inch at a time, but that’s better than nothing. It is improving. Think about that. You should be telling your sellers about this. Why should you be telling your sellers? Because you should be giving them motivation to get on the market as soon as possible. Sellers procrastinate every year. This is what creates our extreme inventory imbalance.

Buyers always come out every single year before sellers. Right after the first of the year buyers are ready to rock, and then you get sellers that are like, “I want my flowers to come up, wah, wah, wah,” okay, great. You wait for your flowers and by then you have more people to compete with. Look at the inventory. It’s improving. We saw a little bit of a lag on the improvement after Easter and I couldn’t figure out why and I realized school vacation week last week had an impact. A lot of people went away. A lot more than since August of 2019.

That is part of the reason that the lift and inventory drag, but it’s still improved. Tell your sellers that it’s improving for buyers to motivate them to get on the damn market. Seller procrastination has to end. They need to get on the market and they need to get on the market right away. They shouldn’t be delaying. They want to make the most money. They want to take advantage of what’s going on. They want to take advantage of the market. They need to list their homes for sale. Home’s not going to sell unless it’s on the market although there have been more off market sales, but you understand what I’m saying.

Then with your buyers, just to explain to them what’s going on, communicate with them, make sure they get it and let them know that it is improving. This improvement is going to make people feel better. By summer a lot of people are going to feel better. We just went through a– When I use the word slow it can be confusing to people, but it basically was a very slow winter. Now, some people hear that and sometimes consumers watch my Crush It videos. I always have to be careful how I explain.

When I say slow what I mean by that is there weren’t enough properties getting listed, so there weren’t enough offers getting accepted. The whole market has been in a log jam, it’s just been stuck. It’s starting to open up. It’s going to get better. Now remember last year from June to Christmas, it was busy as could be. I have news for you all. You’re going to see the biggest summer you’ve ever seen, worse than last year. Last year at this time, remember I told you it would be the busiest summer ever? I’m here telling you again, it’s going to be even busier than last year.

Get ready, shake off the frustration. Get into gear with your clients, get them out there. Show them properties, make offers, get them in a position so that they’re ready to strike. Make sure they have a plan, blah, blah, blah. I could go on and on all day but I have like 15 minutes left at my P90X workout, so I need to get back in there. Thanks, my friends. Wanted to share some positive thoughts with you all. Have a great day and happy home selling.