There is 1/3 of the Year Left!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: You have one-third of the year left, literally one-third. Do not get caught up into, “Well, we’re on the backside of the year. We’re going to be closing in at the end of the year, but next year I’m going to do amazing.” No, no, no. Two-thirds are done. One-third is left. There was four solid months left for you to crush it in real estate. Any thoughts, any– “It’s winging this morning.” Any of those thoughts of, “I’ll kill it next year. This is an adjustment year. This is a market-shift year. I’ll do it next year.”

No, no. The only way you’re going to crush it next year is the work in the activities that you put in over the next four months. Because fall sets up the next year. Every single year, fall is what sets up the next year. Plus, there’s still a tremendous amount of time to get a lot of transactions in and do a lot of additional business over the next four months. Typical closing timeframe is what? 30 to 60 days, nationally some states it’s a little bit higher. You could sell another– A single agent could sell another 20, 30 homes this year. If you hustle, if you come out of the gate into the unofficial start of fall which is right now, Labor Day was yesterday, the unofficial start of fall.

You come out of the gate swinging, and you are working hard, making dials, booking appointments, making sure you never, ever, ever have a week with less than five new business appointments. You start that effective immediately, from now until Christmas. Watch how much business you are doing and if you need a little bit of a lifting your spirit, little more pep in your step, go on to my Instagram and follow me and look at my Crush It Mindset videos.

You don’t even have to follow me if you don’t want to just search for your competitors that don’t like to follow me because I know there’s lots of you. Just simply search #crushitmindset on Instagram and a bunch of videos will come up or look me up, AJ Lamacchia, @ajlamacchia and you will find Crush It Mindset videos mixed in with my personal stuff. You’ll find lots of things about mindset, and how to not get yourself distracted on all kinds of stupid things. I did a video over the weekend. Okay, folks?

Lot of year in front of us. You can still do a tremendous amount of business and I’m hoping you do it. Good luck folks. Happy home selling. I’m pretty excited on this beautiful morning. We’re getting some much-needed rain. Look at the rain. Here we go.