The Value In Continuous Training

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Anthony: Training commitment, that’s what we have here. I am at one of our branch offices out here in Worcester, and we have a whole group of agents here around into the backyard that are practicing scripts. This is a script that I did with agents back in 2012, and one of the things that occurred to me this summer, as I said, we need to get back to some of our old school ways of training, getting together in groups, people working on the script together, people partnering up, me jumping in with them, me showing them how I can still do the script, not on a big stage like that, they all know I can do that, but intimately, having them hit me with the objections that realtors get hit with all the time.

That’s what we’re doing here on a Saturday morning at 8:00 AM. We started, and we’ve got about another 45 minutes this morning that we’re going to go through it. Any of you out there who don’t how much of an impact training can and will have on your business, you are mistaken, you are making a mistake, you are leaving business on the table. We have agents here that are going to sell 30 to 40 homes this year, who are here practicing, and of course we have some new ones too, but we have a whole mix because these people here, they’re committed, they understand the power of training and the power of learning scripts and the power of knowing how to comfort a buyer, knowing how to make a buyer or a seller feel better and not be so concerned about petty little things that clients have a tendency to get concerned about.

When you know how to answer their questions, buyers put their guard down and they’re more interested in working with you. That’s what we’re working on right now. We just spent a whole bunch of time now, people are partnering up practicing, and then I will be jumping back in with them, and we’re going to go around in a circle, and we’re going to practice more.

If you’re not getting continuous, ongoing, regular training, if you’re not either getting it from your company or seeking it out, before I had a company, I used to seek it out, I used to travel all over the country and go to industry events. Oh, wait a second. I still do that. Four days ago, I was in Lake Tahoe. My friend, Jack, just mentioned it. I was in Lake Tahoe at an event, and there was a room of people, and there were speakers. I was one of the speakers.

That’s how you get better, that’s how you expand your mind, is seeking out training, never accepting that, “Oh, I know everything.” We literally have top agents here that are practicing right now. If you’re not doing that, you’re making a mistake.

Have a good day, everybody. Happy home selling.