The Real Estate Market has changed? Why are homes sitting so long?

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Anthony Lamacchia: Market’s changing it’s that time of year we’re starting to see some listings sitting now why does that happen even if you’re a home seller listen up you don’t just have to be a realtor why does that happen that happens because every single year as the year progresses there are more Sellers and less buyers okay more Sellers and less buyers now we’re getting to Summer many many buyers have found homes they found what they need and there’s also many buyers who gave up and signed leases for another 12 months mistake on their part because they’re going to end up in the same situation next year but that is how it goes so home Sellers and Realtors who are listing properties you need to be more realistic with your pricing you need to spend a little bit more time talking to your seller about pricing realistically because you don’t want to sit on the market just because something just closed right up the street for some astronomical number doesn’t mean that the house you are listing is going to sell for the same number if it’s listed now in fact it probably will not truth be told homes that are listed now generally speaking will not sell for as much as they would have back in February and March when inventory was extremely tight buyers were out there in droves there was bidding wars and sellers were holding off okay that is how the seasons work so keep this in mind when you are pricing good luck

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