The “Perfect” Time Doesn’t Exist

Read the blog below:

Anthony: The perfect time. The perfect time. I need to wait for the perfect time. It’s not the right time. My friends, it’s never the perfect time for anything. If we all waited for the perfect time in life for many, many, many different things, both personally and in business, we’d be waiting a lifetime. There’s always things going on.

Here I am in Fort Lauderdale, we’re actually getting ready to film some more television commercials here in a little bit, and I’m sitting here thinking to myself about how when I got licensed in August of 2020 here in Florida, I had a million things going on. It wasn’t the perfect time. We opened here in October of 2020. It wasn’t the perfect time. Guys, that happens. Last week we went to Aruba with our president’s club. It wasn’t the perfect time. We were supposed to bring 58 people. At the 30 day cutoff it was 48. Then with COVID testing and all kinds of things last minute, it ended up at 31, but guess what, we still went because we postponed four times. I realize, you know what, it’s never going to be the perfect time.

If you are thinking about something in business that you know you want to do, you want to get done, you know you should do, if you keep sitting around waiting for the perfect time, you’re never going to get there. I don’t care what it is. Personal, business. Obviously, when I talk to you, I talk to you more with respect to business, but you look at our company and some people have admired our growth and this and that. Thank you, I appreciate that, but guess what, do you think every little thing we’ve done along the way it’s been the perfect time? So many people, I got to wait for this, I got to wait for that.

Here’s the thing, guys. In business, there are times you got to take a leap of faith. You literally have to say, “Well, think I can do it,” and just goes across and that’s it. Right now, Lindsay is open. I fall on this pool, live on Crush It in Real Estate, but that’s not going to happen. Stop waiting for the perfect time. Just get going and do the things that you know you need to be doing. That’s all my friends. Happy home selling from here in beautiful Fort Lauderdale. Thank you.