The More you Educate, the More you Attract

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Buyers that were out Friday and yesterday on Saturday are serious buyers. Think about that. I was talking to a real estate friend of mine yesterday, Mr. Manny Sarkis, the brother of George Sarkis, who will be on our stage at the Crush It Event on Thursday. Manny was telling me how he somewhat pep talked to their team and said, “Hey, you can’t convert buyers that are out today when it’s zero degrees and something’s wrong.” I said, “Manny, you’re absolutely right about this, that’s a great point. That’s what I always bring up around holiday weekends and things like that.”

Him and I were debating, and I agreed with him that a buyer that’s out yesterday is even more serious than a buyer that’s out during the holidays. Really. If I’m an agent and I’m out there beating the street, which I haven’t been in 11 years, but I think I know a thing or two about it, and most of you know I sold a house or two when I was selling. Any buyer that I came in contact with in the last two days, I would be all over, sending them property, sending them educational materials, sending them things that will attract them to you.

Remember, when you educate, you attract. Think about that. I’m going to go over things like this at the Crush It Event on Thursday. All right, folks. Have a good Sunday. That’s all. Just a quick message.