The Humbling Process for Sellers has Begun!

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Anthony: The humbling process for sellers is beginning. Let’s be honest, are we kind of excited? Seriously? They’ve ruled the roost for six months. It’s been out of control. Buyers have been disappointed and aggravating. It’s time we see a little bit more balance and it’s happening. I talked to you all about this two weeks ago. I’m out here in beautiful Colorado Springs- check this place out- at the Gathering of Eagles Conference. I’m actually going to be on stage today. I wanted to talk to you all about the market for just a minute then I’ll tell you a little bit about what I’m going to talk about on stage.

Everybody’s talking about how more homes are getting listed. I was just looking at stats in Massachusetts for June and pendings are going to be less than last June and the June before. Market has taken on a lot of new inventory. We’re talking about 12,000 homes have come up for sale in the month of June. The sellers that waited, they’re going to wish they didn’t wait.

If I’m a buyer right now, I’m thrilled. You all need to be conveying that to your clients. I’m going to walk around one more time here. I’ll bring you all with me. You all need to be conveying that to your clients and making that clear and keeping your buyers in the game. We know a lot of buyers went out of the market in the last month or two or even three, just out of frustration. Those that didn’t, make sure they’re clear that a lot is coming on.

Onto today, so I’m here at this conference and I was honored to be invited to be on stage. I’m going to be talking about the growth of our company. I know on Crush It, I don’t usually talk about that, but they asked me to talk about some of the things that we’ve done. I’m going to be doing that today. I found out that we’re the fastest-growing company in the entire leading real estate companies of the world network. I’m going to be talking about different things that we’ve done, innovative things, different things. I was thinking this morning when I woke up, “Well, what did we do?” I said to myself, “We’re on offense. We’re on offense, we’re always getting after it, we’re always doing something new, we’re always testing something.”

You want to meet some friends? You guys want to go on Crush It in Real Estate? Live right now, do you want to do it?

Stacy: All right.

Anthony: Say good morning.

Stacy and Kate: Good morning.

Anthony: This is Stacy and Kate from the leading real estate companies of the world. Say, hi.

Stacy: Hi, good morning.

Kate: Hey, good morning, have a good day.

Anthony: That’s the difference. I’m not going to get into details, because I don’t want this to be an advertisement for my company. What I want to point out to you all is I’m laying in bed this morning thinking, all right, what am I going to explain? I’m thinking of this thing and that thing. I said, biggest thing I’m going to explain on stage today is we’re always on offense. We don’t sit back. We are always pushing forward, trying new things, never scared to fail. That’s how you have to treat your business. When you do that and you move fast and break things, you grow. Think about that my friends.

I’ll see you later. I just wanted you to be able to check this place out. Look at it, I’m right in the middle now of the lake. Check it out. It’s just beautiful, isn’t it? We saw a bear last night when we took a bus up the mountain. There was a bear on the middle of the road and deer are randomly eating around here. Just a beautiful place. That’s all, bouncing around on topics this morning, but I figured that’s okay. I haven’t said hi to you guys in maybe a week and appreciate you always watching and the support and everything. Have a good day.