The Holiday Season Is Here Which Means…

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Anthony: The holiday season is here. It’s time to kick back, relax, not apply yourself. Just take it easy. Yes, right. Here’s the deal, my friends. It’s time to double down. Not slow down, double down in many different ways. See, the funny thing about real estate is the actions that you have today will dictate how many closings you have in three or four months. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush it in Real Estate. Good morning, everybody. Want to talk to you all about this. We just went through another day here left in this nice little holiday break over Thanksgiving weekend. Now we’re getting into the part of the year that is going to have a huge impact on your success next year.

That’s the funny thing about real estate. Your actions today will bring you some business tomorrow, but they don’t really bring you money for two, ,three, four months out, that’s just the way it goes in our business, where there’s a delayed impact. I want to make sure that people are thinking about that. We’re about to get into goal-setting season. I’m going to do an entire series on goal-setting. I’m going to do that over on the YouTube channel that we have for Crush it in Real Estate, I’ll be doing videos probably every day this week there talking about goal-setting.

One of the things that I’m going to be talking about is getting things in action now, setting things in place. Take advertising for example. I mean lots of companies, too many companies pull way back on their advertising, and we do too, in November and in December. Here’s something we learned over the last three years. We used to kick off our advertising after the first of the year. Then we started kicking it off right around Christmas day. Now we’re starting a week before because we’re finding the earlier that we do it the better the impact that it’s having come January, and that is a direct function of exactly what I’m explaining, too many people are not getting go after the first of the year.

“I’m going to do it after the first year.” It’s like going on a die, “I’m going to go and diet after the holidays. I’m going to do this after the holidays, after holiday.” Here’s the deal, my friends. Now’s the time. Get things in action now. I look at some of the best realtors in our company, agents that kill it every year, agents that make president’s club by the summer. Eileen Doherty comes to mind and Woburn, Angela Harkins comes to mind up out of our Westford office, does a lot of Southern New Hampshire business. These are people that every late fall, and November, December, they’re busy. They always say that they’re busy. And this is when they do most of their prospecting.

Before you know it, they’re doing a ton of business. Once we get into spring, they’re already rolling when a lot of agents are just trying to get moving. As I said, now’s not the time to slow down, it’s the time to double down. Don’t take that, say, “He’s saying don’t have fun during the holiday.” I’m not saying that. Obviously you can enjoy your family, you’re going to have a little bit of fun, but you need to get things in place now, this week coming up, next week. Make sure that you’re reaching out to people, make sure that you’re making your dials. If you’re running a team or you’re running a brokerage, make sure that you’re in action, that you have your advertising going, that you have things scheduled.

We have a several $100,000 advertising budget kicking off right around the week before Christmas week of Christmas. Going off right there into January, several $100,000. We’ve already got it lined up. Lindsey, our marketing director’s been working on it like crazy for weeks because we’re ready. Those things that we’re setting up right now dictate how much commission income we have next spring, I mean that that’s how this business works. The message of the day, don’t slow down, double down. As I said, this week, going to do a goal-setting series on Crush It in Real Estate on YouTube. You’ll see it over there.

Also, don’t forget our 2021 Crush it in Real Estate kickoff event. It’s going to be on January 14th. If you haven’t registered yet, register already. We started a private Facebook group where I’ll be sharing several things, several messages there. Leading up to the event, we’re putting in like a full interview that I did with someone who’s going to be a keynote speaker. Sign up if you haven’t already. All right, my friends. Have a great day. Enjoy your Sunday.