The Customer is NOT Always Right!

You always hear the motto, “the customer is always right”, however that isn’t always true.  Working in a customer service related field requires patience, attentiveness, clear communication and empathy, along with a host of other skills. But to what extent do we need to stop and say enough is enough?

There will be unreasonable clients who think:

- you aren’t doing your job properly

- who criticize how you handle certain situations

- who blame any negative happenings, be it big or small, on you

“My house isn’t selling and it’s your fault”

“You aren’t doing enough marketing on my property.”

“The house inspection turned up many big problems!”

These types of clients do nothing but suck energy out of you and no matter how much you cater towards them they will never be happy. Don’t let them get in your head and de-rail you and your business.

Taking the motto. “the customer is always right” to heart will only cause a disservice to yourself, your clients and your business.


- They will “eat away” at your resources (time, money & energy)

- You will actually see your business grow more with clients who appreciate your hard work

- You will see and feel a significant amount of stress decrease from your daily life

Once in awhile you will get fired or receive a bad review. You’re going to get clients that you just can’t please, it’s inevitable. Wipe your hands clean and channel all that extra energy you would have been giving to them, to clients who respect you and are willing to listen.

Now, don’t take this to the extreme. Good customer service is something you should always strive for, there is no doubt about that! You just need to understand when enough is enough. There will be clients you will not be able to please, no matter how hard you try. The best thing you can do is move on from them. It will be the best for not just yourself, but for your client as well.