The 2nd Annual Florida Crush It In Real Estate Event was a Huge Success

On September 23rd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, over 300 REALTORS® and industry leaders from different states, and Canada, came together to hear stories and experiences of growth from top-producing South Florida REALTORS®. They learned how to best navigate this changed market.

2022 Florida Crush It Event Highlight Video


Crushing It In This Changed Market

Anthony’s keynote focused on REALTORS® fears regarding the market shift. He went in-depth on how REALTORS® need to adjust their business to match this changed market. He talked extensively about market data and explained the importance of sharing this information with your clients.

“When you educate you attract. The data is all around you. Use the data to help you.”

Additionally, Anthony discussed articulating your value as a REALTOR®. He went through the new dos and don’ts of a listing appointment in this market shift to help you gain more listing appointments.

He also expressed the importance of showing up.  Managing your time effectively to allow you to spend more time and put more emphasis on money-making activities is more crucial now than it has been.

Top Agent Interview with Alicia Cervera

Alicia Cervera
“Observe the landscape and see where the opportunities are.”

Alicia Cervera, named one of the four most influential “Women of the City” by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, proved on stage exactly why she received that title. Not only did she share the story of how she and her family came to work within the high-stakes world of multi-million-dollar properties, but she shared how she was able to grow that business and rise through the ranks.

Broker/Owner Panel

Top Team Leaders in the Industry

broker panel

David Serle, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Services

Laurie Finkelstein Reader, Owner & CEO of Laurie Reader Real Estate

Jorge Guerra, Broker/Owner, CEO of Real Estate Sales Force

Their passion for collaboration within the real estate industry was shown during this panel. They spoke about what leadership looks like to them and how they strive to hold themselves and their brokerages to the highest of standards and what that accountability looks like.

Value proposition was another big topic of discussion amongst these three leading industry experts and whether or not it should change moving forward. Short answer, “No”. They stressed how REALTORS® need to all work together so they can win together.

Fast Tracker Panel

Agents That Grew Their Business Quickly

fast tracker

Amie Balchunas, Lamacchia Realty

Prince Hassan, Compass

Amie Balchunas relocated her life to South Florida without knowing anyone. What she did know was that she needed leads, support, and training to not only start her business from scratch but build it fairly quickly. It was “sink or swim” for Amie. Her hustle attitude came out in a big way the moment she stepped on Florida ground.

Prince credits his accelerated business growth to keeping in touch with his sphere. It started with networking and teaming up with other young professionals who were ready to tackle this business which ultimately led him to the luxury market he works in now.

Top Agent Panel

Top Producing Independent Agents

top agent panel

Chad Gray, Luxury Home Broker Associate

Karen Johnson, Keller Williams Realty

Veronica Figueroa, Figueroa Team

Our Top Agent panel took us back to the basics. Each of these top-producing REALTORS® discussed a fundamental task that they were going to start re-implementing into their businesses.

They each discussed their marketing tactics and what avenues have been most successful. A common theme that was mentioned was being active in their communities.

Willie Miranda

Working by Referral & Growing your Sphere

“What’s the best database? The one you use!”

Bringing his proven repeat and referral business systems to everyone who attended, Willie Miranda shared the many opportunities for touchpoints that REALTORS® have. He expressed the need for a database and the importance of keeping in touch with past clients so that they always keep you top of mind.

Dave Karoly

Getting Sellers to be Realistic in this Downshifting Market

“The goal of the call is to not just get them willing to meet, but excited to meet.”

With this changed market comes new challenges, especially when it comes to dealing with seller expectations. Dave helps to explain the forces that are acting against sellers during this market and how to get them to understand this new market and what it means for them. He went in depth about how to best manage your call and the listing appointment, and how to create value and determine seller motivation upfront.

Jackie Louh

6 Pitfalls to Avoid with Sellers in This Market

“This is a high stress point for your sellers, so you need to slow the pace down.”

Dealing with frustrated sellers is inevitable in this changed market. REALTORS® will start seeing days on market increase and price adjustments happening. Jackie explained the things that REALTORS® should be doing to limit seller frustration. Staying in constant communication and setting expectations upfront will help to alleviate some of those pitfalls.

Lindsay Favazza

Market Yourself, Not Just Your Listings

“You need to be doing Reels. It is not optional anymore.”

The REALTORS® in attendance were able to walk away ready to tackle their marketing head on. When marketing yourself, the biggest thing to remember is that you want to stay Top Of Mind. Lindsay shared the most effective ways of putting your face and your value out there for your sphere, potential prospects and social media world to see. If there was one takeaway from her segment it was that you must be doing Instagram Reels!

Anthony Lamacchia and Dave Karoly

The NEW Part of the Listing Appointment

“The better we price, the more people we are going to draw in. The more we draw in, the more money you’re going to sell the home for.”

The way in which you conduct a listing appointment has changed. Being able to empathize with the seller is imperative to signing up listings now. The NEW part of the listing appointment segment explained that you need to change how you talk to your potential sellers. Anthony & Dave put on a mock listing appointment to show REALTORS® what objections and rebuttals they will need to overcome in the foreseeable future.

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