The 2022 Market Will Pose Many Challenges…

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Dave Karoly: You thought working with clients who needed to sell and buy was difficult in 2021? Well, just get ready for 2022. I hate to tell you, we’re a big part of the problem. My name’s Dave with Crush It In Real Estate, and it’s the catch 22 we all deal with. Sellers don’t want to list because they’re not seeing any inventory, and because they’re not listing, other people aren’t, and it just dominoes from there. A lot of this is because of the conversations we have with clients.

We’re still talking to them like it was 2010. Now, we took a market snapshot of Massachusetts inventory using MLS PIN to see what active single-family homes are available today versus over the years. Let’s take a quick look. To end the suspense, as of yesterday, there were 3,236 single-family homes available in Massachusetts. Last year at this time, there were 4,350. That’s about a 25% decrease. That’s why I’m so confident saying, although I don’t like to, it’s going to get more difficult this spring than it was last spring.

What are you doing to help the problem? Have you practiced these conversations? They’re sometimes difficult to have. Have you given the seller comfort? You’re not going to end up homeless. You will find the right home. I understand you’re concerned about not finding something in the right time frame. I understand you don’t want to carry two mortgages. Believe me, I don’t want any of those things to happen to you either. If we put the proper protections in place, that won’t happen.

There’s plenty of strategies we could take. We could list with some disclosures. We could wait to list until you find the perfect home, or use an occupancy agreement, long closing dates. There are plenty of options. The better job we can all do, the more people will be willing to list. Hopefully, I won’t be filming another video next December telling you to watch out for the upcoming year.