Supreme Court Win Against Excessive Permit Fees

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Anthony Lamacchia: Look right here folks, awesome news for property owners! Congratulations to Mr. George Sheets from El Dorado, California who filed for a permit to build a home in 2016 and they hit him with a $23,420 permitting fee. Classic example of municipalities and local politicians overdoing it, charging too much, making it too difficult to build a home. This is why we have excessively low inventory across the nation; this is why there are not enough homes being built across the country.

So, this guy went in, he later decided to pay the fees so he could build the home. The home is built, but he kept fighting. He went to the local court, he went to Superior Court in California, they kicked him out. Supreme Court, they kicked him out. He brought it to the United States Supreme Court and last Friday, he got a victory. Justice Amy Coney Barrett, after a unanimous decision by the justices, she put out a statement saying the lower court in California made an error and they need to hear this case.

Mr. George Sheets, I congratulate you. Even if you lose when you go back to what will probably be an unfair trial in California, in a state that isn’t pro-building, in a state that isn’t pro-development, even if you lose, you won. And you just won for all the property owners in the United States. And good work, National Association for filing an amicus brief in his support. This is a win, folks, for private property rights.

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