Stay in Touch with your Sphere

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Have you been in touch with your sphere of influence? Are you marketing to your family and friends? The last two years has felt like somewhat of a blur as a realtor. I’ve talked to many, many realtors who have told me that they’ve lost touch with their past clients, their friends, their family because everything has just been so crazy, so fast-paced. You got to request for a showing, and you had to be over there in 10 minutes and many realtors all across the country have admitted to me that they got away from the basics, the fundamentals, the blocking, and tackling.

Get in touch with your sphere. Call people in your cell phone, send them items of value, the laws of reciprocation will come back to you. It’s summer, put on a client appreciation cookout, get out there and see people. You need to always be working on building your relationship database, and now, as we’re seeing a market change, is a great time to do it. Good luck. Happy home selling.