Start 2024 Off Right

Video transcript for "Start 2024 Off Right":

Anthony Lamacchia: 2023 is just about over, and for some people, that’s exciting because it really wasn’t the year that they had hoped, particularly those in the real estate industry like all of us. Right now, looking into 2024, what can you do differently? I want to make some specific suggestions to you based on observations that I’ve made of both agents in our company and agents across North America that I know.

One of the things that I really noticed in 2023 is many agents didn’t start to take it seriously that it definitely was going to be a slower year and more of an uphill battle, and about summer, in fact, many didn’t take it seriously till late summer. And then when that happened, they started putting other things in place. They started saying, ‘Oh my God, I’m not going to get to where I was in the last few years, so now I need to do X or do Y.’

One of the things that I noticed in particular is agents that realized they needed to get on leads, that they needed to buy leads or have some sort of lead source, many waited until August or September to get going on that. Now, here’s my advice for you for 2024: Start from the beginning. Be humble from the beginning, be humble from right now. Be willing to do more, be willing to take back a couple of those jobs that you might have had three, four, five years ago before we went through a boom. Take them back right from the beginning.

And if you’ve been grinding extra for the last 3 or 4 months because you were trying like hell to finish 2023 on par or even with ’22, ’21, and ’20, don’t wait until late in the year, start now. Start right now. Be humble, accept that you’re going to have to do more, accept that you’re going to have to take back some jobs because if you do that from the beginning of the year, you will catch up to where you were. If your actions are massive, if you’re doing tons and tons of things like you used to do, doing those things that got you to where you were when you were booming in 2021 and early ’22, take those jobs back and get after it, then you will get there despite the fact that we are going to experience another slower year in real estate in ’24.

Now, if you read my predictions, you will see that I expect ’24 to be a little bit better than ’23, but truth be told, historically speaking, there are still going to be headwinds in the market, and I do still expect it to be a lower year for overall sales, but it doesn’t have to be for you. So let’s go, folks, get in action, make 2024 a bigger year. Good luck, happy home selling, and happy New Year.

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