Spend The Money & Bring People Together!

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Anthony: You cannot measure the positive impact of bringing your people together. Together. See what most people do, what most leaders do, broker owners and team leaders is they only measure the expense. I’ve talked to you about this before. I don’t do that. I measure the whole picture. When I look at something like this, right, bringing our people together on a cliff, overlooking the water in Aruba, I’m doing it because I know that when we bring our people together, these are our 2019 and 2020 winners for our president’s club, I see people connecting from all different offices, all over our state, all over New England from all different areas. They’re all connecting. They’re talking.

This is part of the reason that our intercompany referrals have gone through the charts. The more I bring people together, the more they network, the more they have a good time, the more they appreciate each other, the more they appreciate the company and the better they perform. Don’t always look at what the cost is going to be, because I will tell you, you will never be able to add up the value that your company will get in return from putting on events like this.

I don’t know what the number is, but I’ll tell you it’s more than we’re going to spend to put this on. The best part is it puts a smile on everybody’s faces, and I love it. Hey, you all having fun?

Happy home selling.