South Florida Realtors, Take Advantage Of This Storm!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: South Florida realtors, I hear it is raining like crazy. You guys have a ton of rain, you’re cooped up inside. Here’s what you do with that time, reach out to people. When people are cooped up inside it’s easier to reach them. They get bored. When it’s snowing up here in Boston, I say the same thing to all the Boston realtors, “Get on the phone, dial, dial, dial because you’ll reach more people when it’s a snow day.” Well, you guys don’t have snow days down there, you have rain days.

Be careful. They’re saying you should inside, but dial that phone. You can reach more people. Anthony Lamacchia here, crush it in real estate. We just opened up in Fort Lauderdale so I’m going to be coming at you with more and more videos for you to help you grow your business. Not only for my friends up here in Massachusetts and several others across the country, but also like this one, specifically for those of you in South Florida. Have a good day and be safe.