Sometimes you just need to do a handstand to get your point across…

Read the blog below:

It’s okay to push on people. Then, the other way is to list the home but list with protections, MLS disclosures, intentionally delay closing, agree to a rent pack. You can say that at an MLS. I’ve had agents ask me that.

Can we say that the seller requires– Guys, you could put in MLS, seller won’t sell the home unless the buyer does a handstand for 10 minutes in front of the house on Facebook Live. I’m dead serious.

You could literally say, buyer needs to come in and do a handstand just like this the whole time. Do a couple of push-ups upside down, or they can’t buy the house. Literally, I don’t care. You can say anything you want. Wasn’t planning on that today.

Could you guys see that on the camera?

Right. I was going to do 10 push-ups, but I remembered my shoulder has been hurting me, so I was like, “No, don’t do that.” What, you don’t think I can? Kidding.