Learn how to deal with sell/buys

Read the blog below:

Anthony: While we’re laughing, working with sell/buys, working with buyers who are selling, sellers who were also buying, it is a complicated thing, and that is very clear by where available inventory is on the market right now. Year to date, homes listed for sale in Massachusetts is down 14%. Four weeks ago, it was down 25% so the market is catching up, but there’s still an abundance of sellers who are scared to list, they’re nervous to list. Why?

In many cases, it’s because the realtors they’re talking to are not making them feel comfortable. I just finished, and Dave, where is Dave? There’s Dave, we just put on a training for the last four weeks. We just recapped it, was it a good training?

Anthony: We decide to bring in with a whole bunch of guests, they’re gone. No, I’m a liar.

Anthony: We put on a training for the last four weeks where we talked about having those conversations with sellers, having those conversations with buyers, making them feel comfortable. One of the things that I was just talking about is a couple of documents that we put out to make it easier for realtors to lay the document on the table and show the sellers how they can go one road or the other, totally get ready to list but wait or list the property, and list with protections. That’s something we talked about.

What I was just saying is every realtor should keep these documents handy like Dora the Explorer when she reaches into her backpack and pulls the map out, Amy Bisson here has her bag and I just put these in there. I took it upon myself to go in her bag. Sorry. I was showing everyone this document right here. This document, yes, it has an LR logo, but I’m going to offer it out to all of you because I want to see inventory increase.

This document, change the logo, whatever company you’re at, just put it on there, it doesn’t matter where you are, we don’t care if you use it. Oh, it says copyrights, all rights reserved. Yes, I don’t care. Ignore that. Ignore that. You can go one road or the other, completely get your seller ready to list and ready to buy, preapproval or pre-commitment. Get the MLS ready, the pictures ready. Get everything ready so that as soon as the property they want comes up, they can pounce.