2022 Ylopo Success Summit

Read the blog below:

Anthony: We’re live from from the Ylopo Success Summit.

We just had a great conversation about better converting buyers, better converting sellers, how to be more careful about the way they were talking to sell, buy prospects and not scaring them away. Right? Didn’t we just talk about that?

All: Yes.

Anthony: Did you enjoy what you heard?

All: Yes.

Anthony: How about a shoutout for Howard and G for putting on a killer event.

We also talked about educating because when you educate, you attract. That’s what Ylopo does. They’re not just providing tech tools, they are educating people. What we’re all going to say to Howard and G and Ylopo?

All: Thank you.

Anthony: Here is the man himself right here. Thank you very much for having me. I hope you enjoyed my presentation.