Direct Mail WORKS

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Direct Mail works, postcards, work sending out sports calendars works, and you should be doing it in an ongoing, consistent basis. However, you should make sure to start with your sphere of influence first your friends, your family, your relatives, your extended friends, your old friends, that’s where you start. How do you start? You start by building out your relationship database in your CRM, if you don’t have a CRM, do it in Excel. You have to build out a relationship database, you have to make sure to constantly always be building on it, mailing addresses, email addresses, et cetera, and then you send them postcards regularly.

Since I started the business in 2004, I have been sending everyone in my sphere of influence a postcard every single month, in some months they get two or three things. That’s critically important to get in place before you worry about a farm area. I hear many realtors talk about, “Well, I need to mail a farm list. I got to start farming an area.” That does work, but it’s an expensive endeavor and it’s a lot harder to get people that don’t know you at all to call you, than people that do know you. Keep that in mind. It’s sphere first, farm area second. That’s all. Get after it. Happy Home selling. Talk to you soon.