Sell/Buy: How to Navigate Both Sales Seamlessly

Have a client who is selling AND buying?

Navigating both sales when handling a sell/buy client requires skill and a lot of planning. Think of it as a high impact sport. 

When you add in a HOT market to the mix things become even trickier. Sellers have many fears when it comes to listing their home and rightfully so. 

In this course Anthony will be going over everything from understanding their fears to timing both transactions out properly. 

This is a promotional video for our Sell/Buy course.

Learn to navigate BOTH the sell and buy side seamlessly!

Thousands of agents both locally and nationally have taken our courses and have exponentially grown their businesses. 

This Course Includes:

  •  What those fears are and why should actively try to understand where they are coming from.  
  •  What to say on the lead call and what the goals of the call are. 
  •  Each step of the appointment. 
  •  How to get READY and timing both transactions out properly.  
  • Bonus footage of one of his trainings and an in-depth interview with the sell/buy queen herself, Darlene Umina. 

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