Secrets to Being a True Leader

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Anthony Lamacchia: Are you building others up, or are you holding others down? That’s a key question that I want to ask, in particular, to leaders, those that are team leaders, broker-owners, and really, it’s somewhat applicable to every realtor. See, when you’re in business, if you are truly from your heart working to help build others up, help others achieve what they want to and need to achieve, you will have long-term, larger, sustainable success.

If you are operating under the principles of, “I’m going to convince them to do something that they might not like, but in the back of my mind, I know it’s good for me. I’m going to hold them under my thumb–” Like agents, if it’s a broker-owner with a model that is very advantageous to the broker-owner, they try to hold them under the thumb. It doesn’t work long-term. It’s not sustainable.

It’s not scalable beyond maybe a dozen people where you could convince them because they’re closer to you. That’s why smaller teams tend to stay together longer, and larger teams tend to fall apart. Same with brokerages. Small brokerage’s team models, it’s one and the same. What I’m getting at is that’s because what many of those leaders do– Not all. Don’t hear me the wrong way. What many of those leaders do is they are focused on holding people down, holding people back, and getting those people to be dependent on them.

When you are truly trying to grow others, when you’re truly trying to help others, when you’re truly trying to do best for others, even clients, that’s how you can do things at a much higher level. You can make things much more scalable. You create a tremendous amount of loyalty to you and your brand long-term. That is only going to happen if you’re truly getting up out of bed every day. I’m pointing at the bed from my hotel room here in West Palm Beach, Florida.

You are only going to achieve that if that’s truly what you’re trying to do in your heart and in your mind. When you do that, it starts to grow and it scales and it goes to a level that you can’t imagine. If you’re in business and you’re wondering, “Why isn’t my business growing? Why do I feel like I’m a little bit stuck? What is going on here?” You need to evaluate your model and see if it makes sense for the others.

Say to yourself, “Would I take the deal that I am proposing?” Don’t bullshit yourself. You need to say, “Would I take this deal?” Ask yourself that question. The real answer, including from the back of your mind, will tell you how large you’ll be able to scale it. Good luck.

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