Remove Frustration, Remove Distraction

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Anthony Lamacchia: Today marks 4 weeks that I haven’t watched the news. That’s a big deal for me. If you go and look at my Twitter, I realized last night when I thought about this video, if you go look at my Twitter, I actually have to update it because it says, news addict. That’s one of the descriptions of me because, since 9/11, which is coming up on 20 years ago, I have been completely obsessed with the news. Watching news constantly in the morning when I work out and other times a day or if I get downtime on the weekend. I decided four weeks ago, I am done.

Anthony Lamacchia here with Crushing It In Real Estate and I want to talk to you about this change in pattern, this shift, this adjustment that I have made that has affected my mindset. I want to talk to you about that, and I want to remind you about something cool that’s coming out later today. I’ll get to that in a minute.

I decided four weeks ago after probably a year and close to a half of just frustration, political frustration, and just frustration with certain parts of– it’s almost like society as a whole, just people, everybody just hating on everybody. I’m just like, “I had enough of this.” If you watch the news, they will feed you whatever you allow them to feed you. They will. Literally, they will. I used to eat it up, and I’m just sick of it. I said, “Enough of this, I don’t have time for it in my schedule.”

Now in the mornings, what I started doing– because I knew, I said, all right, I’ve gone through waves of not watching the news. I’ve done this before. When certain things have happened, I’m not going to get into what because that would be political, but when certain things have happened over the years, I have cut out watching the news. Then, I realized, “All right, if I don’t replace it with something else, I will get drawn back in.” I started listening to podcasts, which I’ve never been into.

How I built this is one of them. Now I’m listening to this, We Study Billionaires, and there’s a good one on Bezos. Now I’m listening to the Netflix story and several others. It’s pretty cool, and it’s given me some ideas for the company and given me different ideas for different initiatives that we have going, and different business lines that we’re involved in, and I’m enjoying it. I think the best thing about it is it’s not screwing up my mindset. I’m not starting my day– because I always would do P90X or Insanity. I rotate every day. I do a different one just about every day.

I would be, by the time I’m done, 45 minutes an hour in, I’m angry. I’m like, “I can’t stand this, I can’t stand that,” whatever it may be. I just said, “Enough is enough.” Literally, 4 weeks ago today. Today is 4 weeks that I haven’t watched it. The only thing I’ve watched is, I put the local news on to get weather, and I mute it, and then when I see that the weather’s coming on, I unmute it and I watch the weather. That’s it and it works for me.

If you’re someone who’s finding yourself frustrated politically or whatever, my recommendation is get away from it. I’m not someone that can grandstand and act like I’ve had it this way forever. This is just a big change that I’ve made and a big change in my pattern. I’m pretty damn happy I made it and I’m sticking with it. Honestly, I’m not going back to listening to BS that’s being fed to me all the time.

I still have The Wall Street Journal App on my phone. I check that, but that’s it. I read the articles I want to read. It’s not like TV where it’s just getting pumped at you all the time. That’s one thing I wanted to mention. The other thing that I’m pretty excited about that I want to tell you all about, which honestly, probably, I think Lindsay told me to do, it’s on promo video for this, but I screwed up Lindsay. Sorry, I’ll do that another day. All right?

I got pushed into doing some videos talking about the company, talking about my story, how I started out and how I got into the business, and the decisions that I’ve made over the last 10 years to get going in the business. We’re calling it, “The story, the vision, and the future.” This is a whole series of videos that we’re launching, but this first one is on those three things I just mentioned. The series is called Real Talk with Anthony. It’s going to be like five to seven videos that we’re going to put up between now and the end of the year, or like now and Thanksgiving.

Most of them, they all are filmed at this point. This first one I had filmed back in late June, I’ll let you in on a secret, but we’re not going to be putting them on Facebook. This is a 19-minute long video, the first one which tells the whole story. I give some insight to when I was younger and different ways I learned, and why we went down the road we went down with the company. I think you’ll think it’s pretty cool. The feedback I’ve gotten it from the people that have watched it has been pretty positive and it’s launching tonight.

If you log onto, that’s, TV voice, you like that? You’ll go on there now. You’ll see it says like 13 hours or something. Then it says to watch the trailer, and there’s like a one-minute trailer. I know by now a lot of you have seen it because it got released last week, but I think you’ll think it’s pretty cool.

I’m really not into doing videos like that, but a good friend of mine, very close friend of mine who really watches the company said, “Hey, I noticed something. You got all these get more videos, which is mainly agents talking about the company. You have all these, crush-it videos where you teach people things, where’s the videos of you explaining the company?” I was like, “Hmm.” This friend of mine was like, “Anthony, I don’t see one video of you explaining the company.” I think you’ll like it, the feedback’s been great. John’s there commenting that he thinks it’s the best video I’ve done.

Check it out. It’ll be on at eight o’clock tonight. Lindsay, I’ll do that promo video. Maybe I’ll do it over the weekend or something, but it’s You’ll be able to see it. It’s housed on YouTube, but we have a special page where we’re going to keep adding videos and I think it’ll be pretty cool. I think you guys will like it. That’s all my, friends. All right. Have a great day. I wanted to tell you about this change I made. Talk to you soon. Happy home selling.