Realtors Are Too Concerned With Their Competition

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Who are you focused on? Who? Are you focused on your customers or your competitors? You need to be focused on your customers. I read an article recently where Bezos was quoted as saying, “We don’t focus on our competitors, we focus on our customers,” hence why they’re growing like crazy. Too many of you are too concerned about competition. Too focused on your competition. Now I know this firsthand because we’re a growing company. I just found out we’re the fastest growing company in the entire leading RE network across the country. We’re one of the fastest growing companies in the state, so I hear criticism.

The most recent criticism is in reference to this new software that we came out with in our company, through our CRM, where we match buyers with sellers. It’s helped a lot of buyers be able to find properties. Stay with me, this is not an advertisement for our new system. We named it Links. The reason I’m telling you this story is I’ve heard complaints. I’ve heard squawking from people that don’t have enough to do, from people that aren’t focused on their customers. Just yesterday I got an email from our MOS and they were asking, “How does that link system work,” blah, blah, blah. I emailed back, he said, “Sorry, you have to waste your time with this.”

We follow all the rules. Here’s how it works. Here are the videos. They said, “We assumed, but had to ask.” I said, “Thank you.” Why is that happening? It’s happening because people are not focused on their customers. Too many realtors spend too much time trash talking, making excuses and making excuses for other people’s success. I remember being in an Inman event, maybe it was two years ago and I was in a circle of people and someone was talking about a competitor in their market.

“Well, they’re good because their mom knows a lot of people and because their cousin,” and I chimed in and I said, “Maybe they’re good because they’re good. Maybe they do a lot of sales because they’re good.” What’s wrong with that thought? Do you follow me? Think about that. Instead of obsessing and childishly worrying about stupid things, how about focus on what you can do better for your customers? How about you create a system that’ll match your buyers and seller leads? How about you go on television and talk about how you’ll match buyers with sellers? After all we are in the real estate business, isn’t it our job to match buyers with sellers? It is.

Now I’m not saying this out of anger or frustration. Truth be told I love the hate. I love when people talk trash and I hope people keep talking. I really do. I did a beat video on Fort Lauderdale beach last fall, where I said, “Stop worrying about people talking about you. If they ever stopped talking about you, that means you’re not doing enough.” Embrace people talking about you.

I hope all the realtor critics out there, including my competitors, that see this know that I enjoy it and I hope you keep spreading it because it helps our business. If you’re focused your customer more, maybe you’d be able to compete with us and you all ought to think about that. You all, no matter where you are in North America, should think about that as well. Focus on what your customer wants. Thanks, my friends. Good to see you all. Happy home selling.