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Episode 1 | The Premiere


This kickoff video is the first of a series in which Anthony goes in-depth about what separates Lamacchia Realty from everyone else. To begin, he tells the story of how we got to where we are and, more importantly, where we are headed… The company provides more Realtor training, more realtor services, more realtor support than any other Real Estate Brokerage!

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Episode 2


In this REAL Talk with Anthony video learn how he originally became so passionate about marketing and its power to grow a business

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Episode 3


In this REAL Talk with Anthony video, we dive into all of the services we have perfected over the years that help to free up agent’s time and truly improve their life!

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Episode 4


Most training for Realtors is not tactical and that’s why some people don’t value its importance…
But at Lamacchia, training is STEP BY STEP instruction on REAL life scenarios, and that is what makes our training so unique and effective, and our Agents LOVE it!

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Episode 5


In this REAL Talk with Anthony video, he discusses the CRM that he and his team built over the last several years to make life easier for Realtors!

Get a closer look at how this complex yet easy to use system, now dubbed LamacchiaHub, does more than just keeping agents on track.

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Episode 6


In this Real Talk with Anthony video, he explains how he leads with people first.  Hear all about the goal that has propelled the company’s massive growth and how he has taken “the people” business to a whole other level.

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