Ready to see things turn back ON?

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Are you getting ready to see things turn back on like a switch, because that’s what’s going to happen? Remember I said that we’ve got about two and a half weeks here getting through the holidays. We got Christmas coming up later in the week, Christmas Eve. Hanukkah today, I think kicks off today. Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends. Let’s think through the next few weeks because I want you to be prepared for what is to come. Okay?

We have had an unusually slow fall. Most buyers just pulled back. They have a wait-and-see attitude. Their FoMO is gone. Their fear of missing out is gone. Sellers as well held back. It looks like we’re going to end the year at the least amount of homes listed in any year since the year 2000. I know that’s a fact here in Massachusetts and I’m working on confirming it nationally, but it was just an odd time.

We’ve been faced with a market that was going 150 miles an hour for two years and then about four or five months ago, it slowed down. It cannot stay like this. For those of you that are concerned, and I know there’s many of you that are concerned and you’re thinking, “Well God, is it ever going to pick up again?” Of course, it’s going to pick up again, of course, it is. It cannot stay this slow. Let’s navigate the next couple of weeks together.

There’s a few things I want you to be thinking about and planning for. Number one, we’ve got the holidays here coming up in the next two weeks. Obviously the slowest times between Christmas and the new year, but this week here, you should be prioritizing what you’re going to do. One of the things that you should be doing is raining some appreciation on your advocates, your clients that are most likely to refer you.

What are you doing for them? Dropping them a bottle of wine, dropping them some pastries, doing something, or maybe just a simple picking up the phone, calling and saying hello, and wishing them a wonderful holiday season. That’s one of the things that you have to make sure to do. The other thing that you should be doing over the next couple of weeks is finding some time to have some downtime. I’m going to be doing that. I can promise you that between Christmas and the new year, we’ve got some things planned and I am definitely going to get away from this thing much, much more during that period of time.

Plan on that. Cut some days out that you can do that. Put it in the calendar, mark the calendar and make sure that that happens. Then when we get after the new year, get ready to start dialing the phone and get back in touch with everyone that you haven’t been in touch with for months or buyers that fell off the tracks or people that you had been talking to that fell off. Get back in touch with them.

Mark your calendar right now realtor friends, I am going to be doing a public training here on Crush It In Real Estate live, public. You don’t have to sign up, nothing, on Wednesday, January 4th at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. I went with 1:00 because I don’t want to cut out all of our West Coast friends. Mark your calendar. Now, during that time, I will be doing a market update for realtors. This is going to be a realtor-specific market update.

I will also be talking about the actions and activities that you should be taking and things that you should be thinking about as we get into the first quarter of 2023, which will rev up as we go. You’re going to see buyers come out of the woodwork. Buyers that have been holding back, they can’t hold back forever. You’re going to see buyers come out. In the Northern states like in New England, it’s going to take a little bit time for things to start happening because sellers always wait too damn long.

They tend to wait till they get closer to March or April to really get listing, but you’re going to have buyers that are much more active. By February, there will be buyers fighting over homes and there will be buyers, mark my words. They will regret not buying homes in the Fall. We all know, us Realtors know the last two, three months has been an awesome time for a buyer to buy because there’s been a lack of competition, rates actually dipped in the last three weeks. We’re in the low sixes now, but buyers don’t see it that way. The vast majority don’t see it that way.

Buyers of all products in the world are the same. If they don’t see everybody else running to buy a product, they back off. They do the opposite of what Warren Buffett says. You watch, we get past the new year, things are going to dramatically pick up again, buyers are going to get much, much more active. You have to be ready to serve that business. That’s why I’m saying over the next week, just say hello to some people. Catch up with some clients, wish people happy holidays. Don’t freak out that it’s slow.

I understand that for many realtors, it’s been so slow that money might be getting tight. Just take a breath, bide your way through, get a couple of weeks from now and you’re going to see things pick up again. raining some appreciation on your clients, getting that law of reciprocity to kick in, doing some things that are generous, even as simple as a phone call that has to happen, scheduling some downtime over the next couple of weeks. Then get ready folks, I’m telling you, things are going to pick up dramatically when we get to January, dramatically. Mark your calendar, Wednesday, January 4th, 1:00 PM.

It’ll be a live Crush It training for all realtors everywhere. See you then. Have a good day, folks. Just finished my workout, already worked an hour and 15 minutes today. Worked out for 45 minutes and now, should I tell you where I’m going? I’m going to look at some office space in New Hampshire that I think we’re going to lock down. All right, folks. That’s of course after I shower, eat breakfast, and not be a sweaty mess. Have a great day everyone.