Rates at 5.5% Get Buyers Out Now!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Interest rates are now down to five and a half percent. We’re seeing a little bit of a dip here, because of some of the inflation news has looked a little bit better this week. In addition to that, we’re headed into a holiday weekend, folks, this is a perfect time to get your buyers out and see homes this weekend, get them an updated pre-approval immediately. Get them scheduled to see some listings because there’s going to be less competition this weekend. Naturally, on holiday weekend, there’s less buyers out looking very few multiple offer situations right after a holiday weekend.

Get a hold of your buyers and get them out right away this weekend. I know you might be planning on going away or whatever but if you’re not, you need to work. Because this is a big opportunity for buyers, these are the lowest rates in about six weeks, it’s not going to last inflation news is not going to stay this positive. We’ve got some bumps ahead, this is a blip in the radar with it going down to five and a half percent. Get yourself in gear, get a hold of your buyers, get them out there, get them on the phone with the mortgage brokers. If they can grab something this weekend and lock their rate by Tuesday or Wednesday, they could really get themselves a good interest rate before it goes back up again back into the sixes which it’s going to do.

Just a quick tip before the weekend. Like I said if you’re not going away holiday weekends are a wonderful time to get out and show buyers homes because there’s less competition. I know on some listings, there’s been less competition anyway because of rates, because of the market change, because is the seasonality but there’s also been listings that have still been busy, the properties that are really nice in nice neighborhoods. Those ones are going to be slower this weekend. So get your buyers out. Good luck, my friends. Happy Fourth of July to everyone. Thank you.