Proof to show your buyers this is NOT a 2008 situation

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Massachusetts Realtors, are some buyers acting as if it’s 2008, talking about the market completely falling out, acting like the world is going to end? If they ask for proof as to how and why this is not a 2008 scenario, how about start with a good old-fashioned On Market Snapshot?

Today, July 19th, 2022, compared to July 19th, 2008. Look at this, folks. Look at this. Today, there’s 9,600 homes for sale in Massachusetts, 2008, 47,000. What is that? Five times the inventory. Five times more inventory in 2008 than there is right now. That, folks, is how and why it’s essentially impossible for prices to completely fall out, because there’s just not enough to choose from.

Don’t forget to use the basics, Realtor friends, the On Market Snapshot is gold. Use it all the time.