Physical Fitness is Important to the Success of your Business

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Is your physical fitness a priority? Yes or no? Important question. It directly relates to the success that you have in business. I am convinced of it. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush It in Real Estate with my friend, the famous Mr. Brandon Farrell, who is our photographer in our company. The main man behind all our videos, crush it all kinds of things. Doing all kinds of videos for our Crush It in Real Estate event on February 10th, by the way.

I want to tell you all, we just took a run down the beach. We’re staying down there at the Rio, you can see it, right over there. We ran down the beach. Been here five days, I’ve worked out two. Not as many as normal, but there was a day I had a migraine and it was driving me nuts, so I laid low for about a day, day and a half. We ran down this morning. We feel good, right?

Brandon Farrell: Oh, yes.

Anthony: Now we got to run back. I want to point this out because as you’re all getting into the New Year, believe me, I’m hearing how cold it is at home. As you’re getting into the New Year, I want to make sure that your thinking about how your physical fitness is important, your activity, the things that you’re doing. The more actions that you take in many different ways, not just business, they ricochet off each other, right?

Brandon: Absolutely.

Anthony: They have an impact on one another. Brandon here is running with Forrest Gump. It’s a little bit of an effort for me to keep up. I’m a fake runner. I run once, maybe twice a week. He’s a real runner. He was just trotting down the beach like a deer, but I managed to keep up barely. Now we’re going to run back and have breakfast, right?

Brandon: Oh, yes.

Anthony: Anything else to add?

Brandon: Just get out there. It’s 2022, New year.

Anthony: New year, new attitude. Make things happen, my friends. Talk to you soon.